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Aaron Tippin began singing as a child while bailing hay,
running combines and plowing the back forty. In order to
hear himself over the diesel engine of the tractor, he had
to develop some pretty strong vocal cords. That is where it
all began for him.

He went to high school in Greer, South Carolina. He played
football and ran track. It was during that time that he
began hanging out at the airport with his Dad. Learning how
to fly and work on airplanes, his career was pretty much
set in stone that he would become a professional pilot More...

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Review about Aaron Tippin songs
Gotta love Texas | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Wonder How Far It Is Over You performed by Aaron Tippin

I Love the song but I'm sorry about not knowing who you were when you came for a lic. & bought that winning ticket. Thanks for donating it back to the 4H.
Your sales rep.

this is NOT Aaron Tippin's song | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song The Nightshift performed by Aaron Tippin

I've tried to correct this several times now, apparently no one has ever actually LISTENED to Aaron Tippin's music, as this is NOT his song. This is the lyrics to a song ALSO called "The Nightshift," by The Commodores. If the creator of this site would ever like to put the actual lyrics up, email me and I will submit them to you AGAIN, for what I believe is the eighth time.

GREATEST love song I have ever heard | Reviewer: Kellie Adair
    ------ About the song Everything I Own performed by Aaron Tippin

Aaron's Everything I own is the GREATEST love song I have ever heard. I will have this song sung at my wedding. It says everything that a true love is. I love the part that says I'll be there with you where ever we don't go"! A love like that of this song, is what we all dream of! I am a HUGE Tippin fan, from NC!

FOR AARON, PLEASE respond A.S.A.P. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where The Stars And Stripes And Eagle Fly performed by Aaron Tippin

Aaron ,I was on the radio the other day , you were on the Bill Anderson show, You had a new song out , you sang it in the studio that day ,Bill ask you to repeat the main line , and you did . It went something like this at the end , If I was half the man that he was ,I would be one hell of a man.My Dad is about to pass away, I can,t think of any thing that fits my Dad and myself as the COMPLETE statement that you said . I wish I knew more of what you said , I want to speak those words at my Dads grave site. Please help if you can . Thanks so much for your time , My phone number is 615-319-3272 or you can E-mail me back at : kerrydsmith@bellsouth.net ,Should you want to call that would be great , I will not call you back or trouble you in any way ,Time is of the MOST IMPORTANCE . God bless you , I hope you get this or anyone that can help . I think that you said that you didn,t like the fact that our music is no longer called country and western , Well there is only two kinds of music, that is " Country and Western . Thanks for all that you have done , keep up your good work , I love your sound , Kerry Smith

spelling | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Can Help performed by Aaron Tippin

Are you shore it's "shore" and not "sure"? Are we at the seaside in this song??

God's 'Nippit son | Reviewer: Andrea Drummond
    ------ About the song The Door performed by Aaron Tippin

I am not one to critque nor do I really matter to anyone, but NIPPIT in the butt before the light goes out! You got to stand for something, GOD, or you will fall for anything, live=evil. Thank you Mr. Nippit.

Real Artist and author Billy Swan! | Reviewer: Ron Farrow
    ------ About the song I Can Help performed by Aaron Tippin

Why is there no mention or credit listed for Billy Swan? Were good friends as we grew up together in his home town Cape Girardeau,MO

I like it. | Reviewer: Chinese girl
    ------ About the song Back When I Knew Everything performed by Aaron Tippin

This is one of my favorite songs and very popular song in China.

You've Got To Stand For Something | Reviewer: Candace
    ------ About the song You've Got To Stand For Something performed by Aaron Tippin

The first time I heard this song, I was shocked. Because I think that this song is saying everything right, meaning it all takes on for life...I love this song!

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