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FORMED: 1971, Stockholm, Sweden

During the 1970s, fate - in combination with talent and
hard work - would have it that one of the most dominating
forces within the field of popular music was a group from
Sweden. ABBA, a musical entity consisting of two couples,
became by far the most successful act of that decade, even
one of the biggest phenomenons of the whole century.

As far as the world knew, ABBA's story started in April
1974 when they won the Eurovision Song Contest with
Waterloo, but by that time the group had More...

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Review about Abba songs
Gilly plus | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song SOS performed by Abba

I was undergraduate then in the 90s when I heard the song firstly. 24 years after, I can't stop listening to SOS . Lyrics and melody so fresh and remind me of good old days.

Onegin Aghogho

I wonder! Those good old memories in 80s | Reviewer: Ahsan Habib
    ------ About the song I Wonder (Departure) performed by Abba

Oh! Abba!! Still you make me can i tell you how much i love this song? how much? how to explain? unsaid memories, loneliness, teardrops, those scented feelings, lost childhood n adolescent days...........still your song is evergreen abba. accepting this reality, life is going on. in my mid 40s and still think i am a child..........i cannot forget 80s which is my golden you, love you too much abba. love you.........

this song when I die | Reviewer: kenbob
    ------ About the song I Have A Dream performed by Abba

I have always loved this song, and recently have been through a lot of heartache and this song reall somes it all up, I just wish for a better family understanding, compassion and warmth and for everybody to get on, even it if fails !!

Touching... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Love, My Life performed by Abba

I'm not over sensitiv but this song goes so deep inside.
It's so touching. The nice melody and beatyful voice of Agnetha.
To me one of their (if not THE) strongest ballad.
Thank you for the music Abba that will live on forever.

"The Piper" by ABBA and "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" by Robert Browning | Reviewer: Joshua Colecha
    ------ About the song The Piper performed by Abba

The lyrics of this song seemed to have been inspired by Robert Browning's "The Pied Piper of Hamelin". The song is unusually beautiful like the hypnotic melody of the piper but its lyrics evoke fear like the vengeance of the Pied Piper to the people of Hamelin!

Fantastic song | Reviewer: Fred Curran
    ------ About the song I Have A Dream performed by Abba

What a fantastic song, I am in adelaide australia, my mum has recently passed away in edinburgh scotland, I am struggling to get to the funeral there in time. There is a web cam link and I have emailed a small speech to my sister. I am requesting this song to be played at the service I think this song is so so correct for this occassion but may play heavy with attenders fellings. Mama Mia is my second favourite movie ( after the deer hunter???) and it is played at the end of the movie in a moonlight scenario


Fred Curran

Background chorus correction | Reviewer: joshdvd
    ------ About the song Chiquitita performed by Abba

I am almost sure that the background chorus is:

"how it hurts to see you cry
and how it hurts to see you sad"...

"even though you cry
the sun is shining in the sky, so
let me hear you sing some more
the way you used to do before"...

(by Javier | 12/13/07)

"You and I, we know
how all the heartaches come and go
and you'll be dancing once again
and all the pain you take will end"...

"even though we cry the sun is shining in the sky, so
let me hear you sing some more
the way you used to do before"

My Neice's Funeral | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Have A Dream performed by Abba

Joanne died aged 34 after being confined to a wheelchair and tube fed for a lot of years.

My Sister, her Mom, had I have a dream played at her funeral and everyone sung and cried to this beautiful song that encaptured the feelings of us all. Joanne is now an Angel and I am glad I believe.

Another backing vocal lyric suggestion | Reviewer: Grant Howard
    ------ About the song Chiquitita performed by Abba

If you look at one of the many videos of the song (I think it's the UNICEF version), Bjorn can be clearly be seen to mime the words:
"Hey little girl, the sun is shining in the sky, so let me hear you sing once more the way you used to do before."
Try that one the next time you sing along!

gonna sing you my lovesong | Reviewer: kedibone macholo(charity)
    ------ About the song Gonna Sing You My Lovesong performed by Abba

Mr Matsoakeletse(Mpho) gonna sing u dis lavsong...U r al I need darling Jst 2 b whr u wanna b.I wanna mke u hppy...Dis song mks me realize dt u r d ryt 1 4 me..If we r meant 2 b God wil mke a wy dt we must gt bck 2gthr

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