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Florida's heat has been radiating over hip-hop for many
years. From the legendary "Uncle" Luke Campbell, Trick
Daddy and Trina to DJ Khaled, Flo Rida, T-Pain, Rick Ross
and Plies, the sunshine state has always produced hot
music. The next artist to emerge from this sizzling climate
is Ace Hood, and with an ace on the top of the deck, he is
guaranteed to continue Florida's heat wave.

"I got the name Ace as a child. My family always thought
that I would be the one who would succeed in whatever I
did," he explains. "I feel like I'm an More...

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Wrong Lyrics | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Flex performed by Ace Hood

"Ok I’m tryna have a six, just bring me my chick" = Ok I'm tired of having sex, just bring me my check
"See me and a friend I never did make that" = See me in a Phantom never did the Maybach
Got a side bitch and I got me a MAIN ho
Addicted to the BANK ROLL, yea that bank ROLL
Got my money RIGHT CUZ that’s just what I came for
I'M THE shit like a nigga done POTTIED

double o g | Reviewer: rassoul
    ------ About the song December 31st performed by Ace Hood

is that double UITHCBIS (is that W.E T.H.E.B.E.S.T)
26 inches on my G (26 inches on my JEEP)
shit or our RP (RIP)
capital A, capital C, capital I H double OD,(capital A capital C capital E H double O D)

bless ace hood | Reviewer: IcedMoney
    ------ About the song A Hustler's Prayer performed by Ace Hood

Ace Hood i love u somuch.u made the right decision not to dine with the devil. God will see you thru music. Am an upcoming artist seekin for sonsorship and promotion. Contact me via my Facebook Download my song here

yung twin | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Guns High performed by Ace Hood

I woke up on the morning yawnin
Mind addicted to money, grab the clip and them hundreds
and half a ounce of that scummy
Ready to hit the block, tryna to seek em before they tell me
If I don't make it home, tell my mama to pray for me
I'm a get it cuz I gotta, raced in it from the bottom
Pussy nigga get shot up, so shut up and give me props
Niggas they want me dead, and I swear that it ain't no stoppin
I'ma go out and get it, just watch me pop off your socket
Play the eighth for you haters, they see me at corner packin
We the best that's the lesson, I take you pussys to college
Imagine me, I'm Gutta, to be the best is a habit
I swear that til I parish, I keep these pussys in panic

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