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Lil' Keke All Hood Lyrics

Last updated: 04/18/2014 06:01:04 AM

That's right ok, Don Ke the H-Town legend
Big Pokey, triple see that's what it is this how it do

It's all hood (hood), it's all love (love)
It's all hood (hood), it's all love (love)
It's all hood (hood), it's all love
My block to your block, you fucking with a real thug

[Lil' Keke:]
Herschelwood repping my block, this shit gravy
A hundred deep floating them thangs, just like the Navy
Gangstas out here showing me love, I'm feeling good
Like a youngster out here selling them stones, I'm in the hood
I'm repping, 7-13 and still mean
Screwed Up Click still doing it big, and on the scene
Like a beast, from the South to the East it's no stopping
The rag off, rolling the drop them hoes bopping
I'm clocking and getting this cash, I'm just a thug
Ain't no playing, when I'm fitting that plug it's all love
Don Ke the H-Town G, we spitting heat
Getting paid and I'm staying on feet, in these streets


[Big Pokey:]
Got a key note for the bread, bitch I'm a hauler
From the South all the way to the West, we get to mañana
Fo' do' I'm up in the Porsche, I'm bout to peel off
And I just copped me a cruiser, ripping the seal off
They say the West weed, that's the best weed
They say this tool'll wet a nigga, like he jet ski'd
It's all good, my block Scott block
Play games, and get your motherfucking top dropped
We some hood niggaz, it's jumping in here
It's Yellowstone Herschelwood, got company here
I stay ready, like one in the chamber
Nigga stay in your lane, 'fore you run into danger


[Mike D:]
It's Boss Hogg Corle', king of the drank game
Run it back from Cali, like a dog but for the coach mayn
Cardier aviators, navigating the Navigator
Eye touch remote, ass sitting on alligator
Blue gems cooling baby, laying on my chest
Yapping on that iPhone, bout to cash a check
Can't believe I went legit, shoulda did it ten years ago
But story space is full of cases, threw me for a loop though
Part about it gorgeous, twenty five at a time
Ol' simple ass niggaz, ya'll just make words rhyme
This shit I really live, shoulda warrant fed time
But the laws show me mercy, it's my destiny to shine cause uh