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Born and raised in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, Andre Nickatina has been a Hip-Hop/Rap luminary since the release of his critically acclaimed debut, "The New Jim Jones." A favorite at public venues and on college campuses, Andre Nickatina continues to sustain a loyal fan-base, while engaging new supporters throughout North America. Nickatina's classic stage show combined with his rare interviews, maintains his mystery and unique musicianship that has spanned two decades.

The longevity of Nickatina speaks for itself. An award-winning MC and producer (2005 Bay Area Artist of The Year / Album of The Year for "Bullets"), Nickatina's vision has expanded beyond the 18 albums (and hundreds of thousands of sales) that he has executive-produced. Also, a diverse artist, Nickatina has gained critical acclaim for his work and vision as a filmmaker, with more than seven films to his credit as either a director, co-director, executive producer, producer or actor.

Changing his name from Dre Dog to Andre Nickatina in 1996, he transformed his career to a plateau that has allowed him to create and develop an entirely new fan base with his original flow, distinct voice and lyrical explorations that few other MCs have displayed an ability to achieve. His third album, "Raven In My Eyes," marked Nickatina's shift as an artist and expanded his audience to the wildly enthusiastic college crowds that praise him with regular sellouts from coast to coast. In 2008 Nickatina completed a timeless masterwork that paired he and his friend, Mac Dre (R.I.P.) together with the new classic, "A Tale of Two Andres. "

Nickatina's business acumen is as sharp and honorable as his presence on stage. Nickatina's vision as an artist has been admired by many of his peers as he is seen as one of the last Bay Area Legends who was not only present during the golden-era of Hip-Hop, but one of the few artists who has helped Hip-Hop grow and who has remained ultimately relevant with each successive album he has released.

Without saying so, Nickatina has had his finger on the pulse of what is raw, uncut and capable of capturing the mind and ears of listeners. Never one to follow or ride trends, Andre Nickatina is a rare breed of artist... one of the last original trend setters. Nickatina does not do what the people want... rather the people want to know what Dre will do next.

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The Consistency. | Reviewer: Milton Lewis Smith Jr | 7/15/14

The Consistency of Andre Nickatina is what keeps him on top of this Bay Area underground circuit. Has the fish out grew his fish tank? He sells enough albums to go to major label. I'm sure he owns all his masters. What is a waiting on. The reason why I'm questioning this guy is I'm a longtime fan and I own 700 Record Labels. I'm richest man in the world. I'm Marcel Smith's little brother. I never went to the army. I got a credit check at T-mobile.

To steve | Reviewer: joe blow | 9/16/10

Man i would agree with you if you were talking about lil wayne or drake or any of those mainstream guys but these old school rappers like nickatina have some sense of musical talent since the way they tell the storiese in their raps are much more real. Its from the street, it's just another life style....oh and by the way, john lennon invented rap.

smoothest rapper alive | Reviewer: chad | 8/1/10

nickatina is by far one of the smoothest rappers in the game and his flow is remarkable, some people may say hes wack but if they really take the time to listen to what he says you would realize he is a lyrical genious and the fact that he has been in the rap game for almost 20 years and is still releasin hot track just goes to show how good he is he has a different style different voice and different altogether approach, which make him a beast on the mic, and the fact that he is that famous and will still do the smaller venues and clubs shows how true he is to his fans. and his fans know it. hes all about lyrics. hes one of favorite rappers. real talk.

little though | Reviewer: jessica fontes | 3/17/10


Disbelief | Reviewer: steve | 2/6/10

I wake up to my roommate bumping this shit everyday at 7am, that and cannibal corpse because he needs things like weed, and tv and music to give him life and identity.. ANYWAYS, i come to realize this morning that in any 3 min andre song, you could chop it into a bunch of 12 second clips and its all the same shit. Fuckit, toss 90% of the song in the trash and take the peice u have left n listen to it ten times and make some weak ass shit up for songs, and u just recreated your boy andres million dollar work. Has it not occurred to anybody that real music produced with creativity, structure, and even A POINT!!!! make for better music.? hahaha killer whale. i can surely relate. wooo haha! OH, thats kill"A" whale, im sorry homies. hey you could always put a 5 second beat to this shit and call it killa. hell i may have ur next hit right here dre dumbfuckityfuckfuckfuckdog

savige as fuck | Reviewer: swoop | 12/9/09

andre is the fuken sickest rapper left in the bay. none of the song sahve the same story witch i like but some say the same word phrases. you know what fuck it he holds it down fer the bay who cares if he says the same words in a couple song fuck dirty dirty get hyphy bitches.

fillmoe legend | Reviewer: young soprano | 8/12/09

I just wanna say dre dogs been doing his thing for a while now,he was slept on back then but he has grown alot as an artist in his lyrical skills.Im just glad he got to work with mac dre and put out some tight music before the unfortunate situation that took place.but as a true bay area rap fan from day 1 i give nickatina much props he been putting the bay on the map and still repping that 415.but im from down south Bakersfield that is but its all good im out! R.I.P. Mr. Cee,Mac Dre,Rappin Ron,Cougnut,and 1 time 4 the fast gunna Johnny Cash

lyricist | Reviewer: m-80 | 12/8/08

andre is the best rapper in the world, plain and simple.... he was made to rap and we all know it.. check tha rhymes " yo theres 26 lettaz in tha alphabet, and i use all them to try and get this check" enuff said, the bay area kills it, W.S.T.T.D.I.D.!!!

best of the best | Reviewer: jennifer angle | 9/25/07

andre nickatina is my most favorate rap artist in the world-he is a real 1 of a kind rapper-with true skill,and many creative ideas he has 4 music-he has changed me-by the way he raps..SERIOUSLY.he made me realize that there is more then -BOOTYS,SEX AND MONEY,rap takes more than that it takes a mind of a genius,to prepare somthin that will blow peoples minds away-like horns and halos-take that time to listen to that.REAL STUFF.every single track he makes is not 4 no reason.he speakin to the world with music

GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE! | Reviewer: Andre Nickatina fan | 9/4/07

Andre Nickatina (a.k.a. Dre Dog) is a San Francisco rapper known for his smoothly aggressive delivery and his scarred smirk, a result of a Daschund attack when he was 6 months old. He has made a name for being a self-enforced underground artist, and has courted controversy several times, most notably after head-tackling the lead march in San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade. Andre Nickatina burst onto the Bay Area rap scene in 1993 with The New Jim Jones on the strength of two individual singles, 'The Ave' and 'Lips', both carrying almost identical beats to Biggie Smalls' 'Juicy' and 'Big Poppa', respectively, though The New Jim Jones was released nearly a year before Biggie's Ready to Die. Andre Nickatina has also dabbled in film, releasing a two-disc set containing his amateur movie and the CD Conversation with a Devil. Andre Nickatina is considered one of the most successful rappers to have come out of San Francisco, and heads his own label Fillmoe Coleman Records. He has released a multitude of albums, most recently Horns and Halos with Equipto, the release of which he celebrated by cutting a Daschund's throat from ear to ear, otherwise known as a Chelsea Smile. His most acclaimed album is Bullets, Blunts, N Ah Big Bankroll. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Andre Nickatina drew fire among Republicans for citing George W. Bush with a "pimping violation for reckless eyeballing." However, the similar remarks of Kanye West during the NBC Katrina Telethon have drawn far more media attention, primarily a result of Nickatina's usage of unintelligable slang. Most recently, he has drawn the ire of Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center for saying, "George Bush not only does not care about blacks, he openly wishes we were dead. To paraphrase our local laureate Brotha Lynch Hung, he's an elite baby killer just tryin' to feed his chil'n." Establishing himself as an artist willing to court controversy, these twin outbursts have entered the daily lexicon of the Yay Area.

king dre dog | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/07

andre nickatina ah wut to say alot comes to mind far the best rapper iv ever herd he spits his lyrics so slyck n smoothly they dont even need to ryghm n some ov tha sickest beats ever

Nicky T | Reviewer: j0nny cag3 | 6/7/07

Andre Nickatina...without a doubt my favorite rapper. He takes 3/4 of my whole music collection. He is one of the few real rappers left in the Bay. He raps about real shit and not every song says the same thing.
Andre Nickatina...The King of the Bay.

unreal!! | Reviewer: Linda Bowyer | 5/24/07

this guy is amazing...he needs to come to the east coast because i know it would change the way people feel about rap.....he doesnt rap about the same shit! hes unreal check him out n ("catch a fillin"- Andre Nickatina)

Dre Dog | Reviewer: B-Dogg | 4/18/07

Listen to -holla 4 madona- and you will see the lyrical power of Andre Nickatina!!!!!!!

vicious | Reviewer: chris | 6/25/06

if you've never heard of him you should definitly look into it. his style, his lyrics theyre amazing "fillmore for life with a grain of salt/ a tiger like me hate to take a loss/ finicky and hella fickle/ no it aint simple/hit you with cocaine and hot nickles"

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