Andre Nickatina Albums

  • Khan! The Me Generation Album (4/20/2010)
    Nicky's (Strip Club)
    My Name Is Money
    Popeye's Certified
    Tony Montana
    Big Cars Big House
    Waffle House

  • Booty Star: Glock Tawk Album (9/18/2007)
    7 Letters Coked Out
    San Francisco Bay
    Pineapple Juice
    3 So What A.M. So What
    W-X-I'll Tell U-Y
    Contract Out On Cupid
    Book Called Fillmoe
    Baddest Bitch On The Planet

  • Horns & Halos Album (5/17/2005)
    Morire Da Solo (Die Alone)
    Close N Personal
    Boss Soss Talk feat. Shag Nasty
    Git Down
    Dedicate Yo Life 2 This P
    Blueberry Rain
    2 B U
    I'm Gone
    Upgrade Call
    Holla 4 Madonna
    These Clowns
    Something Holy Like Qur'an

  • Bullets, Blunts N Ah Big Bankroll Album (12/6/2003)
    Nasty Like College Chicks
    These Clowns
    Blood In My Hair
    The Mizzle
    Enter Heaven Thru The Backdoor
    My Wishes
    Ceazar Enrico
    God Gimmie G's
    1 Of The Game
    T-Shirts An Ah Adidas Suit
    Bonus Baby

  • Conversation With A Devil Album (7/8/2003)
  • Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes And Alibis Album (3/22/2002)
  • Hell's Kitchen Album (1/15/2002)
  • These R The Tales Album (11/14/2000)
  • Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps Volume 2 Album (6/6/2000)
  • Tears Of A Clown Album (5/18/1999)
  • Cocaine Raps Album (6/23/1998)
  • Raven In My Eyes Album (6/23/1998)

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    Reviews about Andre Nickatina albums

    Hells Kitchen Review | Reviewer: Olympia
        ------ About the album Hell's Kitchen performed by Andre Nickatina

    If you into underground and dre dog then this is the album for you. This whole album go. Every single song on this album is a hit. This has to be hands down the best dre dog album in my opinion.

    dope | Reviewer: austin boyles
        ------ About the album Hell's Kitchen performed by Andre Nickatina

    this had to have been one of Dre's best albums, with tracks like couger, he said she said, july the fourth and alligator blood he killed the mic and definitely stepped it up

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