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...and so here we are, footprints on the ceiling and screaming the words in each others faces, sharing in it like a party we might have hoped it could have been had we closed our eyes and dreamed hard enough on the bus on the way into town. An Arctic Monkey or four screaming at I the Rev Rarsclart, eyes bulging, faces red with the joy of it all. London, Glasgow, Wakefield wherever...
And the people who have shared it. Those who felt some connection with getting on their Dancing Shoes, a Mardy Bum or Scummy Man or something. There's these moments on which it all turns. I have two or three, London, a French Kiss in the Chaos. Maybe even a full house and not Al, as lead singer. You might have others where you first felt something stir in your belly. Or you might be reading all this and this is your first taste if the whole thing. Not that it should ever be exclusive, like a club or anything nasty like that, or a commodity. Like a big mac meal or something. It‚s more. Its everyman and for I, that is the point of it all, the message and the romance. For as we approach yet more forks in the road, bear left or turn right I hope that may continue.

Cos‚ after all what is it if not an adventure? Like getting on a bus to the other end of town and your not really sure where it goes but you get on anyway. As I started out the Arctic's four screaming faces, spoke to the people who had traveled for eight hours in a micra, or as I tried to sleep, listening out of the window at some drunken lads singing dancing shoes at four in the morning, it dawned on me that there are no leaders in all this or no plan or scheme, other than what's unfolding. People understanding it, relating to it, not relating to it but dancing to it, whatever. Everythings happened yet nothings really happened at all. Why set flags in the sand, it could all end tomorrow and it be back to the local and the chippy afterwards, or it could run and run and run to places unknown. Dreams and schemes and bla bla bla. But the reasons it started are as pure today as they ever were and that's gotta be a damm sight better then formed a band, drank some JD, took some drugs, had some birds or whatevers cool these days. All thats left to say is, welcome to anyone and long live it all say...

Ta for reading

The Rev Jon Rarsclart

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Arctic Monkeys Fkn Rule | Reviewer: Geordie Scott | 12/26/08

I started listening to Arctic Monkeys a few years back and i have loved them since day one.
they literally do not have a bad song.
Both there first two albums have been outstanding with hit after hit.
I love Arctic Monkeys lyrics, they are witty & blunt.
I cant wait for there next album

ARCTIC MONKEYS are the BEST rock band from england!!!! | Reviewer: imran hk | 8/21/07

this band's fuckin' awesome! i never heared any cool and "delicious" music of british bands beside arctic monkeys !

quality ladz | Reviewer: tomo | 7/8/07

the arctics are fukin amazin quality beats an the lyrics are the work of a fukin genuis keep it up ladz ur goin on 2 better things believe me

nutty nutty nutty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/07

sick guitar fills and amazing lyrics and vocals
what more could you want

love | Reviewer: erin | 4/11/07

i love EVERY SINGLE SONG!!!!! and i plan on marrying alex or matt. sorry to everyone else. i've got dibs!!!! ;) THE ARCTIC MONKEYS ARE THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome. | Reviewer: Hayley | 3/3/07

love the acrtic monkeys!! with their sexy accents, brilliant lyrics and bloody good beats who could resist?
arctic monkeys. sickest band in the fuckin world

Awsome Band!!! | Reviewer: Andie | 1/7/07

I Just love these guys!!!! The accent is great and the lyrics are also great. They Have Real Talent and I love that they arent that well known because then the people who know about them can really appreciate them!!!!
Awsome Stuff!!1

Simply awesome | Reviewer: kim | 11/27/06

with their catchy beats and beautiful rhythms i bet arctic monkeys is one unique band and i really love it.. Alas i don't expect much worldwide acception as in main stream music, but what the heck.. they still rock!!!

Great band! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/06

One of the best at the moment, if everything goes wright, they will rule for at least a century!

THE ARCTIC MONKEYS ARE HOT! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/06

Fresh out of England, what can i say, these blokes are bloody awesome! The lyrics are completely abstract and pointed, the beats are insane and the vocals are incredible, with that alluring hint of a british accent... check them out!

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