Arctic Monkeys Lyrics

...and so here we are, footprints on the ceiling and
screaming the words in each others faces, sharing in it
like a party we might have hoped it could have been had we
closed our eyes and dreamed hard enough on the bus on the
way into town. An Arctic Monkey or four screaming at I the
Rev Rarsclart, eyes bulging, faces red with the joy of it
all. London, Glasgow, Wakefield wherever...
And the people who have shared it. Those who felt some
connection with getting on their Dancing Shoes, a Mardy Bum
or Scummy Man or something. There's More...

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Review about Arctic Monkeys songs
I think I must be crazy! | Reviewer: Robin
    ------ About the song Do I Wanna Know? performed by Arctic Monkeys

In love with is song! You got this beat boom so down mmmhmm! I like truthful and trance. He hopes you stay girl want more should he have to say? Mmhmm!

Class | Reviewer: tom
    ------ About the song From Ritz To The Rubble performed by Arctic Monkeys

this song is only made better by the fact its sung in a yorkshire accent, where the lyrics are "you couldnt have done that on a sunday" its actually "CUNT'VE done that on a sunday" and were not been rude when we say that.

LOVE ARCTIC MONKEYS | Reviewer: poseidon
    ------ About the song Fake Tales Of San Francisco performed by Arctic Monkeys

BEST SONG EVER ! Arctic Monkeys are the band ever :_) ! Because of their accents, lyrics of their songs and because of the Alex turner <3!!!! This is real a real british music(not like one direction)

What does this song means? | Reviewer: JGm
    ------ About the song Cornerstone performed by Arctic Monkeys

It's a song about how he found a new girl to replace his dead gf. At first, when he went to the battleshp, he thought he saw his gf but was only a lookalike and flirtd with her and asked her if he could cal her name by his dead gf, and she said no. Then, he went on to rusty hook and wanderd and found a girl kissd her askd her again if he could her by his ex's name, and she said no too. And then again, he goes to parrot's beak, where he saw a girl who had a broken arm mesng wit d smoke alarm, and get close to her and askd her d same thng, n she also said no. So he almost gave up and went home thnkng abt his late gf. Whle going home he came across a certain scent. He saw his late gf's sister in the cornerstone on the phone. He talked with her and askd her the same thng, and well she was the only person who let him cal her by his late gf's name. (bttleshp, rusty hook, parrot's beak are the name of bars)

cool song | Reviewer: anonim
    ------ About the song 505 performed by Arctic Monkeys

I don't think this song about Alexa. Because the album with this song recorded in December 2006. And Alex was in a relationship with Alexa Chung from April 2007.
Sorry for my horrible English.

amazing in so many ways! | Reviewer: Emily
    ------ About the song When The Sun Goes Down performed by Arctic Monkeys

this tune is like music porn.
the lyrics are so true as well. i try to not judge but sometimes you just "know" people right?
my other fave song is Mardy Bum cos it reminds me of my little sister hahaha

Kartracing Wears | Reviewer: Kartrace Safety Int
    ------ About the song Balaclava performed by Arctic Monkeys

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Analyze this....... | Reviewer: Monkeys
    ------ About the song A Certain Romance performed by Arctic Monkeys

You're all over analyzing what is a basic observation from a teenager with lyrical genius. This song is about being a teenager in sheffield and having to live amongst and tolerate ignorant f@ckers who think they're gangsters who don't really appreciate or understand anything from music, relationships to life aspiration. Alex Turner isn't a working class hero like John Lennon who romances about working class values etc and maybe working class values no longer exist - but what he's saying they're a bunch of philistines but we need to navigate through them cos at the end of the day they're in the same space that you are. Reference to friends of mine is really saying I actually hang around with a few knobheads myself, probably not quite major knobs but hey I'm not that far away from it that I can be detached.

Song | Reviewer: Mils
    ------ About the song 505 performed by Arctic Monkeys

The song is about him and Alexa Chung and the reason they broke up was because he was always busy touring and never got time to be with her. This is what the song is about not Kate Moss, where the hell did you people get this stuff from haha

Youth song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Certain Romance performed by Arctic Monkeys

IMO. this song is about kids who like to have fun, thought old people might think its stupid. well yeah nowadays not all the funs are legal or acceptable, but damn right they don't care and still would do it anyway. In the end part of the song "Well over there there's friends of mine
What can I say, I've known 'em for a long long time
And they might overstep the line
But you just cannot get angry in the same way"
for me it means Arctic Monkey are part of that society.

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