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Ariana Joan Butera-Grande (born June 26, 1994) is an actress and singer who currently appears in the Nickelodeon series Victorious. She is also known for playing the role of “Charlotte” in 13 on Broadway, which won her a National Youth Theatre Association Award. She played the role of Miriam in the first reading of the new musical Cuba Libre. She has worked with Grammy-winning composers including Diane Warren. In summer 2009, she taught music and dance to children in South Africa as a member of “Broadway in South Africa”.

* Favorite Food: Strawberries, sushi, Nonna’s pasta :)
* Favorite Color: periwinkle or coral?? haha
* Favorite Book: HARRY POTTER!!
* Favorite Actor/Actress: Jennifer Garner
* Favorite Movie: 13 going on 30

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WOW!!! | Reviewer: Alicia | 10/21/14

I absolutely love you Ariana! You are my role modle! I want to be a singer myself but I'll never be as good as you! I love your two songs 'problem' and ' Bang bang' and I also loveee 'grenade' You are fantastic with a capital F!! Please do more songs and don't forget you have all these loving fans out here to support you:) why don't yo start a public vote for new songs? That would be great! We did biography work at school today and I chose to do you! Just ignore all the mean things about your dancing and you copying songs, JUST IGNORE IT ITS INAPPROPRIATE, YOU ARE A GREAT SINGER AND DANCER AND I AM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN!! REMEMBER MY NAME AND THAT YOU INSPIRE ME A LOT!!

Kind regards
Your NO.1 fan Alicia age 10

I'm gonna be truthful | Reviewer: Riley Wilson | 3/22/14

ariana grande is an awesome singer and she dose verse the best she seems nice kindhearted gentle spirited and very truthful!!!! I would never mind a friend like ariana!!! I play piano and write songs I wanna major in professional arts and songwriting!!!! I think maybe if in your new song I could be about love and honesty------- did I mention I was a hopeless romantic :)--------- I write songs like that but I don't perform them I have stage fright I'm trying to overcome it but it's hard!!!!! we'll I'm babbling now bye!!! and remember keep doing your music and your thing it's very inspirational!!! :D

My idol, Ariana Grande | Reviewer: Olivia | 6/17/13

I love Ariana Grande. I also love Cat Valentine. I listen to her all the time. I watch Victorious so much. Ariana Grande and Cat Valentine are AWESOME. I think I love them to much. I watch her on Youtube all the time. She is a great singer. Ariana Grande I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my idol now | Reviewer: Anna | 5/29/13

I love Ariana. I want to be a singer/actress so bad i really could die. I love her and her personality and how even though she is a star she still has a youtube channel! Although it makes me a little sad thinking about her, because she is so gorgeous and skinny, but I am just a fat teenage girl, so I guess ill never make it in Hollywood.

My idol | Reviewer: Alexis | 2/27/13

this is my number 1 idol there are only a few and the reason why i chose to write this is many reasons 1 beacuse i was going to give up on life because of bullies and then i read her atical in i think that it was bop magazine and she had inspirde that young girl and ariana said o stop bullys and she has put me up in good times and down so that is way this should be published

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