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Audio Push emcees Oktane and Price Tag might be young guns
in the rap game, but they are approaching their careers
with the swagger of elder statesmen. The rappers from the
Inland Empire section of Southern California are
forerunners of the fast rising "jerk" movement, boasting
the sub-genre's first tribute record, "Teach Me How To

Their skilled energetic jerk style bares similarities to
'80s Ska mixed with rapid skipping, squatting and popping
movements. But the former crump battle dancers can also
spit. They write their own More...

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Review about Audio Push songs
Wrong | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song Fwd Back performed by Audio Push

These lyrics are incorrect. Especially Riff Raffs verse. It's "silver bullet viper with the werewolf finish you ever seen a girl get naked at the dentist" "oh now we check telling" "thunder storm Benz" "used to be a felon but I never got caught so now I'm Versace yacht selling" "In my soda, Mister Jody highroller"

Pressed Random Song | Reviewer: Claudia
    ------ About the song Girls Are Like Busses performed by Audio Push

Who listens to this??? It's so meaningless and the rapper or whoever it is, is so damn cocky. Ugh who can possibly relate to this??? You guys should listen to MUSE or System of a Down. They actually sing about meaningful things and not just what everyone else wants them to sing about.

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