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August Alsina Biography

Last updated: 11/26/2014 05:02:00 AM

August Alsina-photo
Born and bred from the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, enter into the game, 20-year-old August Alsina...

With the love and hustle of the Crescent City running through his veins, August is eager to follow in the footsteps of the NOLA music legends that paved his way. His recently inked deal Def Jam Recordings looks to be a great step in the right direction, but music wasn’t always in his future.

August learned at an early age that drugs and money could make you, or break you. With both his father and stepfather battling crack addiction, August’s mother moved their family to Houston, Texas in search of a fresh start. But Houston provided no happy ending. For years a young August endured a home life plagued by drugs and violence. At just 14, he got word from New Orleans that is father, August Sr., lost his battle with drugs and alcohol.

In an attempt to escape his reality, August took to Youtube, where he posted dozens of homemade performance videos. His clips covering Musiq Soulchild, Lyfe Jennings and others went viral, generating millions of views in just over a month. It seemed that he was finally taking his first steps toward a bright future in music, but just a year later, reality hit home when his best friend was shot and killed in the streets of Houston. As quickly as August appeared, he vanished form Youtube, back to the real world. With tensions mounting at home, 16-year-old August was kicked out. Alone, he returned to New Orleans and took to the streets, selling drugs as a means of survival.

With his older brother also in the streets hustling, it wouldn’t be long before August learned that the addiction to money could be as deadly as the addiction to drugs. Just days before August’s 18th birthday, his older brother was gunned down in New Orleans East, another unsolved murder in one of the nations most dangerous cities. “I never expected them [the police] to find his killer”, August explains. “People die everyday in the streets of New Orleans. Unfortunately, death has become a way of life,” but not for August. His brother’s death became his motivation to not become a statistic, but to pursue his musical aspirations on an entirely new level.

Under the guidance of Noontime Unlimited (management and production company), August relocated to Atlanta in 2011 to begin carving his own musical path with his life experiences at the center of his artistry. He recently teamed up with Hoodrich/MMG’s own DJ Scream for the release of his debut mixtape, ‘The Product’, which spawned the internet and radio buzzing anti-love single, “Sucka” which features fellow New Orleans crooner Lloyd.

Yet to reach 21 years old, with already a lifetime of experiences behind him, August is living proof that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future, and that life’s hardships can be the motivation required for success. With Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter The Dream prepping August’s debut project for release through his Radio Killa/Def Jam imprint, the path to success has been laid. Look for August to make 2013 his official coming out party.

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same as u | Reviewer: augustisbae | 11/26/14

august im 12 n i still kinda understand what you been through like mii morther passed away when i was four i live n dallas n mii brother live n north caroolina im just here to say tht keep doing what u doin in if u have hater dont sweat it let them do there jod cause they going to get mad at u cause u making them lose pay

I LUV U A LOT | Reviewer: nomonde faith thato | 10/10/14

Hey August..just wanted to say to u dat I luv u soo damn much there aint enough words to describe how much I luv u...n I also wanted to u dat m soo sori about your dad and brother n I luv ur music soo much I listen 2 it each and everyday my fav song is Benidiction oh n also MAKE IT HOME...I just hope that u read my message I live in SOUTH AFRICA I just hope that u will come someday please and u r my FAVOURITE ARTIST!!!!..I LUV U AUGUST wish u all the best in life

Just To Inspire | Reviewer: sade | 9/12/14

my favorite song is hold you down , dowtown , or shoot or die because number one you were tellin the truth , you looked good in all of them videos , and is all about life as it is from the hood life to the good life ( benidiction ) and being the surviver the real one the one man with girls . but keep it up dont let the haters keep you down hpoe you see this remember your brother AND YOUR FAMILY( dont forget about me ) JUST TO INSPIRE

Jhymin 2014 | Reviewer: Kesha | 9/5/14

August.... My daughter loves you. Her screen saver is of you. So do I. I'm really proud of you. You are the same age of my son and you should be proud of your accomishments. I especially respect you taking care of your nieces. I as well as my daughter would love to meet you one day. I know your brother is proud and I know your mother is in spite of all you guys went through. Keep doin what you do we love you in this house

dont give up | Reviewer: mykia sanders | 8/29/14

your story really touch me because it similar to my story about when my mom died and i thought my life my life was over but i"m about to start posting things on you tube because i want to make it were you are

Lost of brother | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/14

Who ever killed your brother should to deserve to die because I believe your brother wouldn't do anything bad like that and I'm not just talking because I know how you feel my uncle died and he got shot pless he was my favorite uncle I have his hat because it reminds me of him and he was a rapper so I would listen to his music your a handsome man and keep doing your music it's great

true inspiration | Reviewer: tink | 8/25/14

I love all your music and I know how it feel to lose a close family member I know you hear this a lot but you are a true inspirer some day I would like to grow and be successful like you I everyday I listen to your music and when I listen it just makes me cry cause its a lot of people dying all around in this world cause my grandma died like three to four years ago but now to this day I still cry about and when I listen to your music it inspires me in ways that I can't even imagine so thank you and keep making that fantastic music you are my motivation thank you

August is my motivation | Reviewer: Aaliyah Bader | 8/24/14

August Alsina is the only person I'm crazy about, or listen to. He inspires me and his music really gets to me, it's like something I can't explain. But August is very talented, and us one of a kind he's perfect in many ways and he is very strong. His songs taught me a lot. And ever since I found out about him I had to know more. I had to go in google find his biography I had to know everything. And than once I read about his brother I listened to don't forget about me and it brought tears to my eyes. August is someone who I'm very proud to look up too. I couldn't think August enough for his music. Get ya money, Don't forget about me, and Nobody knows are my main songs. August is someone who I'm proud of being a singer. I love you with all my heart. And I wish for you to keep up the good work. I love you so much August Anthony Alsina :)

fate | Reviewer: sensational | 8/22/14

I lost people in my life and I love the outcome of his success and I gotta say I really love August Alsina music and real he is with word ain't scared to say what really on his mind and it if true what they about him rippping cervix hey daddy I'm wide open what my choosing up fee on a real s niggah daddy

I love you | Reviewer: August hugest fan! | 8/21/14

August u r mi hero benediction is mi fave song! I can't last a day without u . No of fence to your girl but I luv u . Keep rocking and keep killing other rappers! Enjoy life you deserve it. I hope to meet u in some point in my not so still life. I am 11 and you help me to sleep at night. Thanx

I love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/14

August u r mi hero benediction is mi fave song! I can't last a day without u . No of fence to your girl but I luv u . Keep rocking and keep killing other rappers! Enjoy life you deserve it.

I luv your muzik | Reviewer: Lelo matlhaks | 8/20/14

You are a true insparation to me. Your lyf is a testimony nd you went through hard shit. I reccomended you on what youlve done and keep taking care of 13 yrs old and i want to be a singer lyk you!make it home nd benediction r my favourite songz!

I respect u | Reviewer: keshon | 8/4/14

Hey august I am 14 and I love u and ur music.ur music is so inspiring and encouraging.keep doing what ur doing.

My favorite song is kissin on my tattoos.

august alsina | Reviewer: chris williams | 8/2/14

Hey august. I just want too show you the love and give respect I do music just ain't became famous yet.. hopefully I'll be up there with you one day. Your my first too do a song with maybe my dreams will become true but really your the best... good luck and sorry about your life bro... good luck on the music you have my respect bro

LIFE CHANGING | Reviewer: BIGGEST FAN | 7/31/14

I am honestly one of your BIGGEST FANS i cant go a day without listening to your music because it explains what im feeling and what i have been through. my brother was killed right in front of me when that happend i felt like my whole world came crashing down on me, i felt like there was no need of me being alive. two weeks later my dad left,he packed up and left without an explantion turned out he was choosing the drug life over ME. every since then i have been going down a path of destruction i started partying with the wrong ppl doing drugs and just didnt give a fuck about the world. but now when i hear your music it gives me hope that everything will be better and that i have to stay strong for my mother bc im the only she has left. your music inspired me to change to the person i am today,AND I JUST WANNA SAY THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.