August Alsina Albums

  • Testimony Album (4/15/2014)
    Make It Home
    Right There
    You Deserve
    No Love
    Porn Star
    Grind & Pray / Get Ya Money
    Kissin' On My Tattoos
    Ah Yeah
    I Luv This Shit
    Bonus Tracks
    Grind & Pray (Extended)
    I Luv This Shit (Remix)

  • Downtown: Life Under The Gun Album (8/20/2013)
    Hell On Earth
    Survival Of The Fittest
    I Luv This Shit
    Let Me Hit That
    Don't Forget About Me
    Nobody Knows

  • The Product 2 Album (5/6/2013)
    Hell Yeah
    The Product
    I Luv This Shit
    Confessions Interlude Part 1
    Get Ya Money
    Let Me Hit That
    Down Right Now
    Confessions Interlude Part 2
    FBGP Fuck Bitches Get Paid
    Nobody Knows

  • The Product Album (1/6/2013)
    Juvenile: Product Endorsement 1 (Skit)
    I'm Gone
    Drank In My Cup
    Party & Bullshit
    Ode To My Project Chicks
    Juvenile: Product Endorsement 2 (Skit)
    Bad Muthafucka
    Hands On the Wheel
    Illest Bitch
    DJ Scream Outro
    She Werkin'

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    Reviews about August Alsina albums
    August Alsina | Reviewer: Cynthia Lauredan
        ------ About the album Testimony performed by August Alsina

    Honestly I LOVE the Album I'm a big fan of August and I'm just so proud of him. I can honestly say I know EVERY song off this album,I also know a lot of August Old songs off the mixtapes The Product 1&2 and Survive of the fittest & I love em all August I can't wait to see you on September 9th keep up the good work babyy I love you and I'm YOUR BIGGEST FAN 😭😻😘🙌

    I Have Alot Of Respect For You | Reviewer: Tassie
        ------ About the album The Product 2 performed by August Alsina

    This album is excellent it tells a story of a young black man and the struggles and successes he's had in life focusing on the positive and negative.It's a terrific 1st album and I hope to here more from you. GREAT JOB!

    Finally Real Music | Reviewer: ms.TiffAlsina
        ------ About the album The Product 2 performed by August Alsina

    August i love u...
    Ur music is real and tells a story...
    Ur struggles r real and ur recovering ....
    Best male artist to me as of now....
    singing live sent chills up my spine..
    And listening to ur story had me feelin like i been knowing this dude
    Great job August

    # 1 fan | Reviewer: Razae
        ------ About the album The Product 2 performed by August Alsina

    This album is a very good album and i'd love to hear more from you. The music is different from most of the artist in the industry. You need to continue to make more music and continue to do your thing and live on and do good. By the way I love you AUGUST ALSINA

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