Badly Drawn boy Lyrics

Manchester native Damon "Badly Drawn Boy" Gough became an
overnight sensation as a British version of Beck with the
amateurish, lo-fi, poignant bedroom sound expounded in a
series of EPs.

EP1 (Twisted Nerve, 1997) contains Riding With Gabriel
Greenburg, Shake The Rollercoaster, No Point In Living,

EP2 (Twisted Nerve, 1998) contains I Love You All, The
Treeclimber, Thinking Of You.

EP3 (1998) contains My Friend Cubilas, I Need A Sign,
Interlude, Meet On The Horizon, Road Movie, Kerplunk By
It Came From More...

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Review about Badly Drawn boy songs
Where I´ve been!!! | Reviewer: koyak!
    ------ About the song Silent Sigh performed by Badly Drawn boy

Just heard this song today, on my car, early in the morning.
Its great!! Could hear it all day long. And suddenly you are on my mind, again. Good memories, short is the love and the pain longlast. Wish you where here!!!. Sorry about my english, my grammar. I´m from Mexico City. Hey there!! Have a nice day, here and in the outside world!!

Henry Poole Is Here | Reviewer: rod
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Badly Drawn boy

I came to this song through the closing scene in the movie Henry Poole Is Here and the first half of the song, which is positive, fits the mood at the end of the movie perfectly. Beautifull song, would have been even better if it didn't turn negative in the second half.

Nick Hornby is a genius | Reviewer: Rhiannon
    ------ About the song A Minor Incident performed by Badly Drawn boy

Maybe you should try reading the book, Sophie. Anyways, as for the line "Remember that I'll always love you", if you recall, it comes at the point where he is reading his mother's suicide note. So, it isn't to do with anything mushy, and the soundtrack was actually made by Badly Drawn Boy SPECIFICALLY for this movie.

Awesome | Reviewer: Julio
    ------ About the song Silent Sigh performed by Badly Drawn boy

this is the best song i`d ever heard, it transmits something to you, i dont know what but it is a type of mixture between, the present and the future world, with the remember of the past and the present, been at the future percepction,and some crazy notes.

Haunted by this song and lyrics until I located it... | Reviewer: WWII baby
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Badly Drawn boy

I was born in 1941..a War baby, not a boomer so I knew all of the stars, the film industry who passed on in 2007. I, too, an avid TCM fan was caught by surprise when the Memorial was featured in December in between films. Thanks to Google I found it and now I can purchase the CD. The day I first heard it I burst into tears..especially touching for me when Jane Wyman slipped through the door...they all "walked away" , but we have their recorded talents forever. I was moved in the same way when "Stop All the Clocks" was quoted in "Four Weddings and a Funeral". Both of these express for us in words and music what we feel so deeply
and are lacking in such a talent to create for ourselves.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Riley
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Badly Drawn boy

I, like most it appears, also first heard this great track on TCM during their tribute to those lost over the course of the year. I recognised Badly Drawn Boy's voice from the get. This is a wonderfully written song. Bravo to TCM for featuring it.

Touching and very moving | Reviewer: Margo
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Badly Drawn boy

I am an avid TCM Fan; however, after hearing Promises and the tribute to some of the greats in Hollywood and abroad, I found myself waiting for the next tribute just to hear the song. It touched me everytime and I realized that I had tears in my eyes, each and everytime. I lost my mother in law in December and everytime I heard it, I also thought of her. TCM did a magnificent job and thank you, Badly Drawn Boy, for such a wonderful gift.

One to remember | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Badly Drawn boy

This will undoubtedly be one of those songs that I will remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard it for the first time. I too heard it for the first time on TCM.......what a gracious way to pay tribute to those who have passed and contributed to our entertainment throughout the years. Very moving lyrics paired with a perfectly eloquent music ensemble. Way to go Badly Drawn Boy.

Love this | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Badly Drawn boy

I heard this song on TCM and just had to find out who it was. I thought it sounded a little like Chris Rea. Great song!!! Now I just have to have a copy, so off to see if I can buy it.

Had to Walk Away | Reviewer: Lora
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Badly Drawn boy

This song is a beautiful backdrop to the imagery and for the tribute to all the great movie industry greats who passed on in 2007. Combined, the melody and video form an audio-visual tribute that is a splendid work of art, and I'm sure those to whom it is dedicated and their families are greatly honored by it.

I lost a very dear elderly loved one in January '07, who happened to be an entertainer for 72 years, and I had been grappling with this loss for a long time, particularly during December. As I watched and listened to the lyrics while '07 faded away and '08 dawned, I felt he was singing the words to me, since I had to do just that -- walk away -- the hardest thing in the world when you love someone whom you don't want to release but feel you have no other choice. We had exchanged diamond rings and our "promise" was "forever" but in the end, there was nothing I could do but walk away.

Thank you for this beautiful composition and thank you TCM for the beautiful tribute, which I'm sure has helped others through transitions in their lives.

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