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BORN: April 24, 1942, Brooklyn, NY

The career of Barbra Streisand has been paved with bold,
creative achievements and highlighted by a series of

"The Prince of Tides" was the first motion picture directed
by its female star ever to receive a Best Director
nomination from the Directors Guild of America as well as
seven Academy Award nominations. Barbra Streisand produced
the heralded drama in addition to directing and starring in

For her very first Broadway appearance in "I Can Get It For
You Wholesale," she won the More...

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Review about Barbra Streisand songs
Error | Reviewer: Dave Johnson
    ------ About the song SAM YOU'VE MADE THE PANTS TOO LONG performed by Barbra Streisand

Barbara Streisand did not write the lyrics for this, they were written by Milton Berle, Sam Lewis, Victor Young and Fred Whitehouse. A parody of Lord you Made the Night Too Long, the song was written in 1940

Great translation but a couple of changes | Reviewer: Andy Wakshul
    ------ About the song I'M NOT A WELL MAN performed by Barbra Streisand

There are a couple of spots where the lyric needs correction:

---"assorted large and small poor relations" (not "logic")
---"It would make a heartbreaking play or story that only Turgenev, maybe, could write" (not what's there)

Evocative and Timely | Reviewer: realangst
    ------ About the song SONGBIRD performed by Barbra Streisand

At this particular time in Ms. Streisand's career, she was fighting critics and grocery store rags about all the lies they created about her. Along comes SONGBIRD. A lot of Streisand's songs were about pain and people took them to heart for themselves and almost forgot who was singing their songs. She simply asks, if I sing for you, who sings for me? Over time, this song seems to have gotten lost in the repeated greatest hits cds released. All of us wonder, at some point, where are our friends when we need them? Confused, because we feel that we are always there for our friends.

This song comes from the album of the same name which included her singular version of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers". As the story goes, both she and Neil Diamond recorded this song, written by Mr. Diamond, for their current albums. A Chicago DJ, recognizing this, decided to mix them together and played it on the air much to the delight of listeners. That version started playing on radio stations across the country and music enthusiasts wanted to know where to get the song. Both Ms. Streisand and Mr. Diamond, both on the same label, Columbia Records, went into the studio and recorded their infamous duet, leading to a number one song that was then released on Ms. Streisand's Greatest Hits, Volume Two.

Of note about the SONGBIRD album were the tracks "Tomorrow," a very popular song from a successful Broadway musical, Annie. In addition, it included "Love Breakdown" which was released as a 12" maxi-single, which now is very rare because the pressing was so limited. The remainging tracks were in the vein of heartbreak, common theme throughout all of her recorded music. But many at the time could not believe that she would record a song with a silly title and equally silly premise. In our love lives, we often find ourselves becoming attached to personal elements of our partners. The most common being their smell. It is in our pillows, on our sheets, on their clothes. "Honey Can I Put On Your Clothes" touched upon this but it was dismissed in the late 70s as just more of the same "get in touch with one's self" philosophy. People actually laughed at the title and the premise. Today, we recognize it's meaning and see it as an old, accepted idea.

SONGBIRD was a great album, made more beautiful because we had a chance to take look inside Ms. Streisand. We knew she sang for us but we couldn't provide her with the answer she wanted. Who will sing for her. Fast forward to the mid-90s when she met, fell in love with and married James Brolin, most well known for his roll as a fellow doctor on the popular TV show, "Marcus Welby, M.D." He has been singing her song ever since.

THANKS! | Reviewer: rick
    ------ About the song PUT ON YOUR SUNDAY CLOTHES performed by Barbra Streisand

Just wanted to thank you for posting this. I saw this movie several times when it first came out with my Great Great Aunt (Auntie) and for some reason this song has been going through my head for the last couple of days but I couldn't remember all the words.
Have a Blessed Day!

replacing papa with mama | Reviewer: sheri marion
    ------ About the song Papa, can you hear me? performed by Barbra Streisand

My mom died two weeks ago. I have found myself singing this song using mama instead of papa the past week. For some reason, it comforts me and I can cry. Thanks to Barbara Streisand for an incredible rendition of this touching song. Thanks to Emma for submitting Papa to this site.

really catchy xmas song! | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song JINGLE BELLS? performed by Barbra Streisand

this is a really catchy song,i couldnt get it it out of my heads till xmas.its a great song for everyone in xmas time.people just must love xmas cause the presents,love,jesus,parties and joy.all i have to say is dont forget about xmas;)

One God brings back memories | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song One God performed by Barbra Streisand

"One God" is a song that brought back memories for me dating back to 1967. My 7th grade teacher (Catholic school) taught us this piece. A few words have changed; I am not sure if this was done by Barbara Streisand or to make the song politically correct. I think this song is one that is acceptable to all three major religions; Judaism, Christianity and Muslim. All three are mono-Theistic and believe in the same God. I would like to see a multi-cultural religious choir made up of children of those faiths perform this song as a promise of hope that God will give us peace in our time.

beautiful | Reviewer: Lya
    ------ About the song SOME DAY MY PRINCE WILL COME (from Snow White) performed by Barbra Streisand

Oh I just watched snow white for the hundredth time haha. It never got old.. Rest in peace Adriana Caselotti, and well sung Barbra Streisand. This song is so romantic, beautiful, and full of hope. I love it. I hope everyone who listens to this is happy :)

Entry for 2013 NVCAF | Reviewer: Marilyn t.j. Rivera
    ------ About the song You'll Never Walk Alone performed by Barbra Streisand

There are no corrections to such a beautiful song ..and the way in which Barbara sings it!..I am inspired to share this song with all my family and friends and hope to deliver my rendition for the NVCAF. National Veterans Creative Arts Festival held annually..You must compete so wish me well as i attempt to never walk alone again in my life..

why dont you call me back | Reviewer: jordan
    ------ About the song SING/MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC performed by Barbra Streisand

why don't you call me back baby i really miss ya and if you make me go crazy i will never see ya ah ah ah aaaaahhhhh because im going crazy its hard to even see straight i cant see were im going its controlling me so im like saying help help i nead to breath because why don't you call me baaaaaaaack

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