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Barlowgirl is an all girl band made up of three sisters:
Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow. (Can you guess how they
came up with the band name?) For two years they traveled
around the country and were the back up band for their dad.
During one concert Lauren, who was the keyboard player at
the time, caught sight of a drumset, fell in love.... and
so a drummer was born. Soon after that the girls began
experimenting with song writing and out of that came songs
never to be played or heard of again :) During that time
they decided to More...

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Review about Barlow Girl songs
amazing | Reviewer: emily
    ------ About the song One More Round performed by Barlow Girl

I love this song! It's a great reminder that you can push through your problems or be knocked down again and again. I love the music and the girls' voices! They rock! I HEART Jesus!!!

ali | Reviewer: fazil
    ------ About the song I Need You To Love Me performed by Barlow Girl

Hi, I am Bengali educated male/30, looking for secret fun with females, interested females (housewife/ unsatisfied/ separated/ divorcee/ widow/ lonely etc) of any age please contact me at North Kolkata, Dumdum, Dunlop area, Sodepore, Barrackpore, Naihati preferable. I am ready for making payment, Privacy 100% assured.

This is Nothing but the truth | Reviewer: Brian
    ------ About the song Clothes performed by Barlow Girl

I think it speeches to young teen girls through Middle aged Woman Who fell the need to dress in a younger style than themselves. They Should Know better & Dress better!!!!!!!!

KbcUOrevKabJzdmkI | Reviewer: Nina
    ------ About the song She Walked Away performed by Barlow Girl

Why else do hot cchkis bring ugly friends? It isn't for their personality. I'm not sure I could be nice to cockblockers, especially if I was working well with a target. But that's me. The rest of the time was spot on. Kudos.

OHTOvPZcMKTol | Reviewer: Juliana
    ------ About the song Porcelain Heart performed by Barlow Girl

Yea me too, i like oehrts perspective weither or not i agree with them, it can open ur eyes and mind to various things.there is never a right or wrong answer. just a difference of openion. in any situation a conclusion can be met.

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Never Alone performed by Barlow Girl

but its on this 1 video that is about lukemia and it makes me sad my friend (gillian) was diagnosed with lukemia whan she was young ............... but she survived but it makes me sad because of all the people who HAVE died from it

I couldn't feel him | Reviewer: Crystal
    ------ About the song Never Alone performed by Barlow Girl

I'm a Christian and I love God, but recently suffered a great loss. I remeber crying out to God to make himself present to me. . .and I felt nothing. I was sitting in the car when this song came on and it was exactly the right words that my soul wanted to say, but my heart couldn't because of the deep grief. Thank You for these lyrics. For me, God showed himself to me through this song.

Religion and Politics | Reviewer: DyN
    ------ About the song Porcelain Heart performed by Barlow Girl

As great as this little spat is between Christians and non-Christians, let's remember that the song is a beautiful expression of pain and suffering that ANYBODY can feel, regardless of their beliefs. After all, pain is universal amongst us.

Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Clothes performed by Barlow Girl

To let you know, they are discussing immodesty. And have you had a chance to look around in stores these days? There are barely any decent clothes. America seems to think the average girl should be a size 8 throughout their entire lifetime. And sure, they could go and buy larger clothes, but they are discussing the reality that there is a strong lack of modesty among teenagers and women these days. They are not discussing the size of clothes. And truth be told, every girl has always wanted to look like a model once in their lives. But, while some models were once modest and appropriate, a majority of today's models seem to have no moral standards or boundaries with what they wear (or lack thereof). So please, hold off. And do me a favor, please learn how to talk without swearing every three words. Thanks.

I love it | Reviewer: Montana Swadley
    ------ About the song 5 Minutes Of Fame performed by Barlow Girl

If I could be there with you then I would but I cant. But on the other side i realy love your songs and so does my other sister. You should come and meet her because she got threw having brain cancer and it would mean a big thing for her to meet you

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