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Barlowgirl is an all girl band made up of three sisters:
Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow. (Can you guess how they
came up with the band name?) For two years they traveled
around the country and were the back up band for their dad.
During one concert Lauren, who was the keyboard player at
the time, caught sight of a drumset, fell in love.... and
so a drummer was born. Soon after that the girls began
experimenting with song writing and out of that came songs
never to be played or heard of again :) During that time
they More...

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Review about BarlowGirl songs
Great song | Reviewer: Becky3696
    ------ About the song Never Alone performed by BarlowGirl

I had no idea that this was a christian song until I read the comments its a great song and I believe that its exactly like what people have already here its a greats song to listen to

love it | Reviewer: nichole
    ------ About the song Never Alone performed by BarlowGirl

this song is so amazing it helped to show me that even though we can't see god in person he is still here and he does good and we can see the good that he has done even if we can't see him in person...i love this song so much!!!

Touching Words | Reviewer: Mortie
    ------ About the song Never Alone performed by BarlowGirl

I think this song is awesome...And i think it's about God. Cos it's ONLY God that is invisible and you can conveniently trust the unseen with him. He's the only one you can be sure would never leave you nor forsake you as long as you abide in Him. He LOVES everyone irrespective of their past, present and who they are. That is ONLY God!

Exactly How I Feel | Reviewer: Audry
    ------ About the song Surrender performed by BarlowGirl

Ive Faced Many Trials In The Past 3 Almost 4 Years And This Song Has Helped Me So Much . Because I Let All My Dreams Go . I Let My Anger Get The Best Of Me . I Lost My Faith In God And I Ran Across This Song . That I forgot I Loved So Much . And It Really Helped Me Relise God Has A Plan On My Life Even If It Is Or Isnt My Dreams . Either Way Its For Gods Purpose . And Im Ready For What He Throws At Me .

well this is very difficult for me because it is one person's view | Reviewer: Cecilia Black
    ------ About the song I Need You To Love Me performed by BarlowGirl

As for review, it is not for me to say. Right now i'm confused

as to what I must say of this. It seems correct for me say here

is a point of view that I cannot do. Let this be one that I that
I threw under the bus. I made a lot of choices before, but there is a doubt that I cannot do this at this time. I wont do this review . Thanks for the memories.

She walked away! | Reviewer: Vicy
    ------ About the song She Walked Away performed by BarlowGirl

This a great song ,it makes me cry every time, and mom to! It is so true some kids just walk away from things when they need to talk to God and talk to their paerents! God is a great problem solver!

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Never Alone performed by BarlowGirl

This song was great. It really touches my heart. When we feel that God didnt answer us, i think it's because we didnt do what He want us to do. We personally are the one who make this things to happen in us. His just there for us. He never ever leave us behind and never ever forsake us.

Awesome song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Image of God performed by BarlowGirl

I love the lyrics in this song!!! They are amazing!!! My favorite part is:

And though I may not please your eyes
But always know, that
It’s in me that my God takes delight

Takes delight (la la la) <3

God | Reviewer: Emily
    ------ About the song I Need You To Love Me performed by BarlowGirl

Hey, so. I love this song, and I'm about to go on stage and sing it at our Christian summer camp. I just wanted to say that this song is most definitely a worship song. You don't hear girls calling their boys "God" with a capital G especially, because if they did that's a little much. This song is about someone who pushed God away & now He still loves her no matter what. There is no way it could be for a boy and girl. That's just weird. Girls don't call their boyfriends God, they call them babe. Kay I'm done.(:

breathtakingly beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beautiful Ending performed by BarlowGirl

i love barlowgirl and this is probably my favorite song by them :) they are so talented and inspiring :))) i decided i am going to sing this song for an audition at my church! i am memorizing it right now and also the guitar part :)

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