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Weezer Beverly Hills Lyrics

Last updated: 05/07/2013 12:56:35 PM

Where I come from isn't all that great
My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me

I didn't go to boarding schools
Preppy girls never looked at me
Why should they, I ain't nobody
Got nothing in my pocket

Beverly Hills... That's where I want to be! (gimme, gimme)
Living in Beverly Hills...
Beverly Hills... Rolling like a celebrity! (gimme, gimme)
Living in Beverly Hills...

Look at all those movie stars
They're all so beautiful and clean
When the housemaids scrub the floors
They get the spaces in between

I wanna live a life like that
I wanna be just like a king
Take my picture by the pool
Cause I'm the next big thing

Beverly Hills... That's where I want to be! (gimme gimme)(gimme gimme)
Living in Beverly Hills...
Beverly Hills... Rolling like a celebrity! (gimme gimme)(gimme gimme)
Living in Beverly Hills...

Truth is...I don't stand a chance (aaaaaaaaaaaaaah)
It's something that you're born into...(aaaaaaaaaaah)
And I just don't belong...(aaaaaaaaaaah)

No I don't - I'm just a no class, beat down fool
And I will always be that way
I might as well enjoy my life
And watch the stars play

Beverly Hills... That's where I want to be! (gimme, gimme)(gimme,gimme)
Living in Beverly Hills...
Beverly Hills... Rolling like a celebrity! (gimme, gimme) (gimme,gimme)
Living in Beverly Hills...

Beverly hills,Beverly hills,(yeah)
Beverly hills,Beverly hills,(hey baby)(hey baby)
Beverly hills,Beverly hills,Beverly hills, Livin' in Beverly hills

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Bev Hills | Reviewer: Syd | 5/6/13

I like the song, and yes it can be considered both pop music and alternative rock. Weezer is primarily an alternative rock band. pop music is now considered its own genre (since derived from rock n roll the 1950s ) and no longer has the same meaning as popular music. it does have a more broad definition than some genres, but it is in fact, its own genre.

Pop gos weezer | Reviewer: Squirrel | 11/5/12

Amazing song, great lyrics, simple, and POPular. People should understand that pop just means the song is popular and is listened to a lot. Pop is not music genre. So comparing Weezer to someone (thing my opinion) like lady gaga wouldt make since because there different music genres.
Anyways weezer is an amazing band and could be compared with nirvana's song writing skills since the music is simple yet artfull. Buddy holly and hash pipe are still my favorites by weezer.

Yes it's rock, but it's still a pop song. | Reviewer: Tommy | 8/8/11

Just so you know, "Pop" (despite what you may have been told) is not a genre. It simply means music that is popular. Pop music at the moment tends to me electro, minimalist sort of stuff but it hasn't always been. You could say, that anything that reaches the charts is pop music, so just because it doesn't sound like Lady Gaga doesn't mean it's not a pop song.

This is such a great song, great guitar sound, meaningful and true lyrics and a cracking most great rock songs. But it's also simple and effective... isn't that like most pop songs?

Love to hear what everyone else thinks in reply.

what the h-e double l fudge is worng with you | Reviewer: Cypress | 4/30/11

It doesn't matter if it's the latest youtube sensation or a 50 year old opera singer. If music is not coming from the soul then it's just noise. Just because you don't like the band or it sounds pop-like doesn't make it suck. Anyway, everyone just calm down and stop arguing over Weezer. I'm pretty sure though the band appreciates your love, they would rather not have fans freaking out like little kids. So yeah.
Peace, niccas.

Song | Reviewer: | 3/15/11

Where I come from isn't all that great
My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me

I didn't go to boarding schools
Preppy girls never looked at me
Why should they, I ain't nobody
Got nothing in my pocket

its funny because this ishappening tome in my life in school and im in a band haha very relative-ish
is that a word?

amusing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/10

I love this song. Ironically enough, I was actually born in Beverly Hills to an actress and a musician. I left California at 14; now I live in a rural area, in a small house with no television and bad internet connection, surrounded by farms and not much else, taking public transport every day to the local public high school, with no interest whatsoever in celebrity. Sounds weird, but I DO dream big - I just know that you don't end up doing anything "real" in that world.

Don't know what good music is?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/10

Um excuse me! But did u just say we don't know way good music is?
To u people who say this...
How long has weezer been in the music business?
To those who say this is a pop song....
This is not pop's rock. Lady Gaga and Ke$ha are pop. There is a MAJOR difference!!!
To those who say this song is a piece of shit cause it only has 3 chords...
Some of the best songs and bands use only a few chords and u can't say that this is shot and then go listen to ACDC or eminem or something like that. Most rappers, pop stars, and rock legends use only 3 chords!!!!!!!!!!

And to those people

Look, it's a catchy song | Reviewer: Daneen | 10/6/10

A song doesn't have to be deep and meaningful to be good...think back to the 50s, you think that music had any depth to it? NO...when rock and roll started out it was all about being catchy and fun with a good riff and some rhythm so the kids could dance to it. Can we just enjoy some of that NOW? Good grief.

:) | Reviewer: iceisverynice | 9/19/10

i like this song. i heard it on the radio for the 1st time the other day . i was having a crappy morning and it put me in a good mood.and buddy holly is classic too.i think i was in middle school when that song came out.good video.

Lolzator & Kali.. love this song, (; | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

Ok. Let me point out a few facts here. Kali, you sound like a little 10 year old girl, which you probably are.. You're right though, Lolzator shouldn't have said what he said. It's an awesome song, & Weezer is an amazing band, & what I also wanted to point out is that Lolzator didn't say anything GOOD about the song/band, which, truthfully, there are many good things to say about the song AND band. Kali, why say "fag" and "gay loser with no life" "ugly fat ass." Come on, seriously? Are you THAT desperate for words? You don't know what the guy looks like, or who he is, he's just commented on song lyrics. Give him a little slack! He didn't insult you or anyone associated with you, lay off a little bit? Thanks (: & How do you know that he doesn't like good music? You're insulting the guy for no reason, making up excuses so you can call him ugly, & being a little brat. Check your attitude girl, that's not how you're supposed to handle things. Alright? Think before typing......
By the way, I love this song! (;
<3333 Byeee.

"Good" vs. "Like" | Reviewer: Fan of Weezer and a longtime musician | 6/3/10

I find it interesting when people say a song or genre isn't GOOD because they don't LIKE it.
I was ridiculed for my music taste by someone that said, "I expected more from you knowing your music background." My reply was that I don't let my music background turn me into to someone who doesn't appreciate music on it's own merits and judge it against different types of music (be it more or less melodically/lyrically/tonally complicated).

I like Weezer for the music they have and the music they are creating, not because they are better comparatively.

This song exemplifies a sense of humor found in many of their songs - and I not only appreciate it, but very much enjoy it!

My name is Mary | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

I really enjoy listening to this song. Its not the fact i wish to move to beverly hills, its the fact its comparing the country to the city life. It is quite similar yet different. Money is definatley glorified upon in this world. Social status and rank and heirechary. Ect. But ive come to realize "less is more" and sure we've all been there, had the crappy first car, or at least the majority of us. This song symbolizes a form of unity. Those who can relate. Something to up your spirits, sing along too, don't take it seriously, just another upbeat song, to liven up the mood when your headed somewhere. Sitting in traffic isn't always fun, especially without music.

Idiots 101 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/10

/facepalm to this so-called ¨Lolzator¨. You idiot, they´re mocking all those people and the dreams, not encouraging people to live a lifestyle like it. And to the moron saying it´s a pop song, it´s actually alternative rock. No, this isn´t metal, this isn´t metallica, so get over it.

Three chord guitar | Reviewer: Grandpa | 2/16/10

Some of the best modern music, jazz and rock, is three chord guitar. Check it out! I am a long time fan (over 40 years), and that is why I liked this the first time I heard it. If you want to be a music critic, know your subject before you opine.

Eh | Reviewer: Hamsterdam | 11/18/09

What Weezer reminds me of, once Ive thought about it, is a more polished commercial version of the Dead Milkmen. They have kinda fallen into novelty act status, like They Might Be Giants, Ween, Cake, Tenacious D and Flight of The Conchords...not as extreme novelty as some, but they do have that vibe...and you know what? I love all those bands!