Big Time Rush Lyrics

Big Time Rush (also known as BTR) is an KCA Nominated
American television series about friendship and brotherhood
that chronicles the finding, making, and breaking of a boy
band. The series premiered with an hour-long pilot episode,
Big Time Audition, on Nickelodeon, on November 28, 2009.
Three hour-long specials have spanned two seasons.

The series stars Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight, James
Maslow as James Diamond, Carlos Pena Jr. as Carlos Garcia,
and Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell who get a chance to
become the newest pop sensation, with a series of navigates
through all More...

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Review about Big Time Rush songs
nice song. | Reviewer: Megan
    ------ About the song Windows Down performed by Big Time Rush

okay so I am an adult but I love Big Time Rush. they seem like four cute down to earth guys. there song Windows Down is cool , and I know most people think they stole it from the Blur song because it has the same beat, hey! its a cool song very enjoyable to sing to. Big Time Rush are great , and there cute and this song is awesome oh btw Logan is my fave BTR guy . he is sooo hot whoo hoo!!!!

loganlove2345 | Reviewer: victoria
    ------ About the song Count On You performed by Big Time Rush

OMG!!! This song is really beautiful It's stuck in my head and won't take it out from there. My favourite part in the song is when Logan is singing with Jordan sparks. Yeah that's RIGHT He is my favourite in the hole band. bTR ROCKS!!!

Lyric Corrections | Reviewer: Ashley Sparks
    ------ About the song Worldwide performed by Big Time Rush

The Chorus doesnt say Hey, they night in Tokyo... It says Paris, London, Tokyo. Its supposed to give off the effect of WORLDWIDE, Cause in the episode, Jo goes to New Zeland for a movie and Kendel lets her go. So... Yepp Yepp... Your welcome! =]

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