Blood Red Shoes Albums

  • Blood Red Shoes Album (3/11/2014)
    Everything All At Once
    An Animal
    Grey Smoke
    Far Away
    The Perfect Mess
    Behind A Wall
    Speech Coma
    Don't Get Caught
    Cigarettes In The Dark

  • In Time To Voices Album (3/26/2012)
    In Time To Voices
    Lost Kids
    Two Dead Minutes
    Silence And The Drones
    Night Light
    Je Me Oerds
    Stop Kicking
    Slip Into The Blue
    Down Here In The Dark
    7 Years

  • Fire Like This Album (3/1/2010)
    Don't Ask
    Light It Up
    It's Happening Again
    When We Wake
    Keeping It Close
    Count Me Out
    Follow the Lines
    One More Empty Chair
    Colours Fade

  • Box Of Secrets Album (4/14/2008)
    Doesn't Matter Much
    You Bring Me Down
    Try Harder
    Say Something, Say Anything
    I Wish I Was Someone Better
    Take The Weight
    This Is Not For You
    It's Getting Boring By The Sea
    Forgive Nothing
    Hope You're Holding Up
    The Way It Goes

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