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When the seven members of Caedmon’s Call left home in 1993,
they were a fledgling folk band, a group of friends
traveling in rented vans to various Sunday school rooms and
coffeehouses around the country. They had no grandiose
notions of Christian music stardom or packed arenas. They
had little more than a few guitars and a common vision: to
make music for people like themselves, believers walking a
treacherous road, clinging to faith through every mystery
and storm.

Now, 10 years later, that vision remains, more vivid and
fulfilled More...

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Review about Caedmon's Call songs
Lead sheet, please? | Reviewer: CedricsMom
    ------ About the song Hope To Carry On performed by Caedmon's Call

LOVE this song and would like to learn it as my very first worship song that I learned to play on guitar. But I can't find a lead sheet anywhere, and my ear is not yet good enough to pick out the chords. Is there some way that I can get my hands on a lead sheet or a tab list for HOPE TO CARRY ON? Thanks.

a word added | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song God Of Wonders performed by Caedmon's Call

when it says Universe declares your majesty, the song goes Universe declares your majesty, not The Universe declares your majesty as is on the lyrics, Thanks

Powerful Song | Reviewer: Stephen Patterson
    ------ About the song Truth performed by Caedmon's Call

If you like Derek Webb and "Wedding Dress", this song is a must have! I believe it is only availible on Intamate Portrait, and iTunes doesn't have it. Buy the album! You won't be sorry!

What better combination? | Reviewer: Nate
    ------ About the song I Boast No More performed by Caedmon's Call

This review is for the recording as much as the lyrics. This song is amazing. It excells in every aspect. The lyrics by Sandra McCracken (wife of former band member Derek Webb) are potent and true. None of this frilly three-line worship stuff, her lyrics have the depth of some of our greatest hymns - "My former pride I call my shame / And nail my glory to His cross". Next, Derek Webb is the singer - I have never heard an artist that can pack more expression into his voice than this guy. His voice is sweet and raw, and makes the lyrics cut right to your heart. And finally, what better band than Caedmon's Call to back it up with a full, dynamic accompaniment. Out of five stars, I would give this six!

Just a few minor misspellings =) | Reviewer: Angela
    ------ About the song Carry Your Love performed by Caedmon's Call

under your grace we are left by your spirt
you have redeemed us by the blood of your son
send down your word we are eager to hear it
ready our hearts to carry your love

you are sunlight you are morning
your the hope of a brand new day
your are comfort; you are blessing
and you wipe all our tears away
so change us from within
render miracles from our sin
remind us once again
this is your time;this is your place
we are vessels for breaking

Good song | Reviewer: Ty
    ------ About the song Not Enough performed by Caedmon's Call

This is a really good song. One of my favorites by Caedmons Call.

What do you Expect? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Only One performed by Caedmon's Call

Excellent comparison of imperfect love from earthly lovers that leave us "cynical and jaded" to God's never failing, perfect unconditional love.

AWESOME PRAISE SONG!!! | Reviewer: Sharon
    ------ About the song Warrior performed by Caedmon's Call

we do this song all the time at our church and its such a blessing bc the Lord *IS* a warrior! =)

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