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Within only a few years Caliban climbed their way up
through the European metal-core scene to become one of the
most important and influential bands within the scene.
"Shadow Hearts" is the third full length by this German

Formed in 1997 (under the name Never Again) Caliban signed
to Lifeforce Records right after recording a two-song promo
tape. Shortly thereafter the band released a self-titled EP
in the summer of 1998. Things started to get hard More...

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Reviews about Caliban songs

intro verse | Reviewer: Demonic
    ------ About the song Destruction performed by Caliban

Ehhh, I'd like to add the first line of the song, before the guitar intro, is actually a line from Romeo and Juliet,"What drawn and talk of peace! I hate the word, as I hate all montagues, and thee! Have at thee, coward!" The line in the song is, "Peace, peace, I hate the word, as I hate hell, and all montagues, and thee," Here is where the guitar intro starts.

Amazing! | Reviewer: :) Amy :)
    ------ About the song Its Our Burden To Bleed performed by Caliban

This band rocks, I'm hoping to see these in concert soon, they really are great, If you haven't heard them really must!

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