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The roots of Camel can be already found in 1969 when
guitarist/flute player/vocalist Andrew Latimer (born on May
17, 1947), bassist Doug Ferguson and only 14-year-old
drummer Andy Ward met in the band The Brew as a trio. In
1970, the trio teamed up with singing keyboardist and
changed the name according to him to Phillip Goodhand –
Tait. But at the end of the same year, Phillip quit the
band. In May of 1971, Peter Bardens, a keyboard player (ex
Them), came to strengthen the orphaned trio. The new
quartet formed in Surrey chose the More...

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Review about Camel songs
Another Night | Reviewer: T-Bone
    ------ About the song Another Night performed by Camel

You'll want to play this one "another" time. Fantastic interplay between the guitar and organ, with a driving rhythm section to punch the whole thing home. Haunting vocals match the dark yet driving tone of the song. My favorite Camel song.

Fermin Marin Marin | Reviewer: Fermin Marin Marin
    ------ About the song Summer Lightning performed by Camel

Camel is a band who llevo inmy heart.moonmadnes is a beautiful albun .magig world ,lunar sea is one song ,what i me, dream dteam.thaks andy,peter ,andy,no remember bass,think for thes musi c i very happy

Feeling empathy | Reviewer: David Faubion
    ------ About the song Song Within a Song performed by Camel

Feeling, that is what we all are, what we all do, this song is is transcendental mysticism, this song is about god and Allah that go beyond to Tao. Undifferentiated experience faith that we will get it right about all of us and our feeling, the awareness of those feeling. Music is that special play that suffers from competition. Music is the mode of self knowing, awareness, seeing one's self, mind and so forth. Music dance and play are the most liberating of the arts: arts of peace.

One of the best songs ever written! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Air Born performed by Camel

Air Born may don't be a very strong song but it's so melodic as never ever before ay song was like!It brings you with some sadness but in the end(with that great and strong ending)it makes you happy!Magical!

Camel Nude album | Reviewer: Steve Hinton
    ------ About the song Nude performed by Camel

Having enjoyed the music of camel, for many years, I really enjoyed this album when it was first released in 1981, I was also lucky to see them perform this album live, and it cemented this group in my heat and soul for life, I highly recomed that this is one record everyone should hear at least once, in their lifetime.

camelover | Reviewer: camelover
    ------ About the song Rajaz performed by Camel

this song is genious, just amazing how they use simple melody combines a great guitar with an amazing voice + amazing text. one of their best.

the best song | Reviewer: MEN
    ------ About the song Lady Fantasy: Encounter/Smiles for You... performed by Camel

this is the very very best song of camel was write in the history.dont have any errors,is perfect

Camel's best song | Reviewer: Per Arne Flø
    ------ About the song Lady Fantasy: Encounter/Smiles for You... performed by Camel

This is the best song that Camel have ever written. It is so full of gems of music, a true progressive rosck song!

Air Born Magic | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Air Born performed by Camel

This song is magical. Listen just once and you'll be air born. The music mix of flute and keyboards lifts the spirit. Soon this song will be forever etched in your mind.

Jeff Mangelsdorf

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