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This US soul/funk act, originally called the New York City
Players, was formed in 1974 by Larry "Mr. B" Blackmon (b.
New York City, New York, USA; drums, vocals) and vocalists
Tomi Jenkins and Nathan Leftenant. Building up a strong
following by

undergoing rigorous touring schedules, with their backing
group at times numbering almost a dozen members, they
signed with the Casablanca subsidiary label Chocolate City,
where they recorded their 1977 debut, Cardiac Arrest,
produced by Blackmon. Touring alongside Parliament and
Funkadelic More...

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Review about Cameo songs
Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Why Have I Lost You performed by Cameo

This song is one of only 3 (Why Have I Lost You, Sparkle, and Hangin Downtown) slow jams cameo did (not including Candy), but the classic drum line and bass line carry the song, and you add a breakdown, some crying (and I found out that you really didn't know me-Why) a prelude to Keith Sweats Why Me Baby some decades later....One of my top songs of all time.

The best song ever! | Reviewer: Molly Medlin
    ------ About the song Candy performed by Cameo

WOW! I love that song, it will not get out of my head. I keep on singing the tune of this in class and everyone else joins me, my teacher gets angry at first then she joins in with us!

never thought i would ever hear this | Reviewer: Ssbrina
    ------ About the song I'll Never Look For Love performed by Cameo

This song means so much to me when i was in high school and with my very first boyfriend he use to play this song everytime we were together and since i found it on youtube i have played it none stop.

fabulous, timeless and so true!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Skin I'm In performed by Cameo

Loooooooooove so much this tune. Moi aussi j'ai d'abord jeune aimé le beat, le flow, la ligne de souffle, la basse...
Mais c'est la première fois que je lis le lyrics sur ce site (merci!!!) et je redecouvre cette chanson....
Fabuleux et intemporel et profondement vrai partout dans le monde, pas qu'en Amerique.
Le respect est dû à toute l'humanité, pas à certaines categorie de personne en fonction de leur peau.

John and D | Reviewer: Ms D
    ------ About the song Why Have I Lost You performed by Cameo

I really..... love this song. I learned the words and meaning to this song. friend always ask me for a dance on this song. Not long ago someone ask me why you two dance on this song. I told them to ask him. We are not dating now but remains good friend. Only God knows why.

Great song | Reviewer: Eliot
    ------ About the song Candy performed by Cameo

I grew up around songs like this and love the old school. But once i grew up I found out this song wasn't about white girls, but it was about white girl(cocaine)
hahaha wrapped up tight, tossin and turning in bed,givin me a heart attack, gotta love that yayo

Loving it | Reviewer: Brittney Turner
    ------ About the song Candy performed by Cameo

I first heard this song on teh radio and I feel in love with it at first sight. It took me some years to really totally understand it, but when I did it was more romantic then I thought. I love it and Old school is always the best. I love you Cameo.

Dats My Song!! | Reviewer: Joi With An Eye
    ------ About the song Candy performed by Cameo

I loved it then - I love it now & my children have grown up electric sliding...

This song is so about how he's ALL OVER in love with this woman & spends the whole song helping us to feel it too.

Yeah - Candy - DATS MAH CHUNE...

my jammmm!!! | Reviewer: black luv
    ------ About the song Candy performed by Cameo

im only 16 and i luv music. the best music for me comes from the ole skool!!! i first hurd this song when i was 8 or 9. i luvddd it then and i luvvvv it now. great funk song! in my family, this song is played at the gouse partys, wedding receptions, retirement partys, anniversarys and even baby showers! this song has been featured in black movies like the best man :) and in black plays like whatever she wants :).

CANDAYYYYY | Reviewer: tiaraa
    ------ About the song Candy performed by Cameo

i was at my cousins weddings lat week and we were all dancing to this song;im 17 n kinda old schooled soo you know i was JAMMIN.Ive never watched the bestman to the end but when i heard the song playing i was like aww snap thats my songg lol!!!!

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