Camera Obscura Lyrics

The Band :
Tracyanne Campbell - guitar and vocals
Carey Lander - piano, organ and vocals
Kenny McKeeve - guitar, mandolin, harmonica and vocals
Gavin Dunbar - bass
Lee Thomson - drums
Nigel Baillie - trumpet and percussion

A Brief History of Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura started in 1996. Tracyanne, John and Gavin
started playing together in Gavin's parent's cellar with no
drummer. They were soon joined by a guitarist called David
Skirving. They recorded the 'Park and Ride' and 'Your
Sound' singles for Andmoresound in Glasgow and mini More...

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Review about Camera Obscura songs
How Could You Possibly Know? | Reviewer: William
    ------ About the song William's Heart performed by Camera Obscura

The 1st time I heard was an overpowering experience...very overpowering. I was alone...(as usual), and no one saw me cry like a babe. I am 50, and I think you wrote this about me. It's beautiful. It makes me yearn so much.

-gasm- | Reviewer: aleeex. ;)
    ------ About the song Suspended from class performed by Camera Obscura

This song is so adorable. D: Like, no joke. At first, I have to say, I found the singing annoying. xD; But then I was forced to listen to more Camera Obscura, and I fell in love with the voice. o//o By far, from the songs I've heard, this one's the cutest. <3

<+The future of retro+> | Reviewer: Drake
    ------ About the song Come back Margaret performed by Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura have really outdone themselves (and everyone else still exploring these genres) with this record. The sound is so big on this track, and on this album, that it must remind music lovers why they are that; it really is a true classic, straight out of the box. Eminently danceable, with beautiful contrasts of joy and bittersweet reverie. Come Back Margaret is a glorious heartache, an inspiring and soaring heartbreak, and one of the best pop songs I've ever heard. I've never felt so good as tears welled up in my eyes. Perfect.

If Looks Could Kill | Reviewer: FX07v2
    ------ About the song If looks could kill performed by Camera Obscura

What a blissfully great slice of indie pop - a throwback to the girl bands of the 60s, and one of the most graceful and eloquent reminders of why this band is so great. A classic.

Country Mile | Reviewer: Tracy
    ------ About the song Country Mile performed by Camera Obscura

Like the second line in the song ... the singer's voice alone makes me cry. This is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a while. Can't stop listening ... can't stop crying.

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