Cannibal Ox Lyrics

CAN*NI*BAL (noun): one that eats the flesh of its own kind

OX (noun): a slang term used to describe a sharp blade
Cannibal Ox, a pair of MC's that devour their own kind with
words as sharp as blades

Harlem, NY natives Vordul Megilah and Vast Aire bring to
you their highly anticipated debut

LP "The Cold Vein".

Cannibal Ox is getting intense responses from heads and
journalists alike...saying that it is hip hop that is
street, reality based and lyricaly advanced at the same
time ... delivered with a sincerity, intelligence and More...

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Submit Cannibal Ox New Lyrics

Review about Cannibal Ox songs
pumpkins | Reviewer: jayde
    ------ About the song Atom performed by Cannibal Ox

im hot like tammalis never tell a lie i say only the truth ima real niggar now put up them duke u cant touch this im so high up but when i come down you best belive its gonna be me and you in dat ring.hahhahha now hear im rappin not just bc im a girl no im rappin for these wannabeas who aint got crap on me now listen hear kids class is in session like a steriotipe im mickael jaskon back for the dead so spread u cant reach my level i might be a girl but u best believe im the realist niggar you will ever meat.

good | Reviewer: juzx
    ------ About the song A B-Boys Alpha performed by Cannibal Ox

good god dis song be da bomb, the holiest of holies

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