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City The Great Carry The Casket Lyrics

Last updated: 09/09/2013 04:49:31 AM

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.. microphone and then we're talking on the left
He is the last champagne, caviar and bubble back
And see a best of life,. that I live
And you stuck the MC ..

All could beat up converted in the hip-hop ..
Right around and graffiti and ever so you see me then
Deep concentration 'cause I'm your comedian
I'll treat you like a towel then you're gonan be ..

I'm walking flipping with the funky rhythm I'll be kicking musician
Okay I'm like scar face sniffing cocaine
Holding the M 16, see what the .. I'm extreme.

Shop.. with the ..from the
Live hard to crick them Brooklyn streets
It's all nigga, f*ck on that nigga in ..
I can hear sweat trickle in that retreat

I ai't the killer but don't push me
Revengers like the sweetest joy that's the getting p**sy
Picture paragraph I'm loaded, wise words being crowed
Pick the weakness in the rap ..

The treasure is so leave .. of us
To the death of us, me and my comfort .. you shine
You really '

You show my mike is loud and my production is tight
Better watch girl if you ain't f*cking right,
You damn playin haters never wanna see me blow

.. in the middle '

Shawty got some real good peanuts
If that shit stay didge aint need that ..

Jane, gold all in my chain,
Gold all in my watch
Don't believe me just watch,
Nigga niga don't believe me just watch

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