Cassidy Lyrics

The overindulgence of pop music sensibilities has forced
Hip Hop music to once again turn to its youth for a
regeneration of skills and street music values. Cassidy,
a.k.a. "Da Problem," is the solution to the dilemma, but a
major problem for all acts who rely on smoke and mirrors to
mask their lack of microphone mastery. These qualities and
respect for art are the reason Swizz Beats has knighted
Cassidy as the debut act on his new label Full Surface

As a pure lyricist cut from the same cloth as Rakim, Big
Daddy Kane and More...

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Review about Cassidy songs
Cassidy | Reviewer: Alfred pieterse
    ------ About the song Amazing Grace performed by Cassidy

Cass from phily hes a good good man he change ma life n hes bak agian the lord son we call him lil christ coz he change ma life whit his songs n wit his boys they toutch our lifes thanx cassidy

Dopeeeee | Reviewer: Leeza
    ------ About the song Diary Of a Hustler (Meek Mill Diss) performed by Cassidy

Baby, you did so good you the realist and the greastest these fuck boys aint fucking with you so what you was a bum back then who??? still living in the past RT niggas mad because you made it niggas hating because you hotter then them do you you rap that philly you been through the struggle you know the outcome.

Sincerly, Leeza aka millz

gametime | Reviewer: tyrethius brown
    ------ About the song Gametime performed by Cassidy

this is a ballin song. this should definitely win an emmy or somthing. the rapper cassidy be goin hard in this song. this is also fun to sing to. this rapper is real. can also be sung with a ukelayle.

foolet | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song I'm A Hustler (featuring Jay-Z) performed by Cassidy

I stop at the store in a place I never been. I feel my heart sometimes as loud as my base but for now I have to sleep presures on promotion is mIne I have this yeah I'm a husler.
I stop at a store in a place I never been except last week. This spot is hot I know just me out for the paper that I feed to my world that's my hopes an my dreams I'm the boss as I yell follow back I know they don't it will take time off no sleep

mis did some lyrics | Reviewer: Roc -d
    ------ About the song Expect The Unexpected ft. Murda Mook performed by Cassidy

He said "that was afflact now it surand wrap on you niggas' on the neslson ran rap part. also "that will levitate yo boy....Diiing".also "you can call me mookie Blaylock". like the basketball player

Spit-yu-out | Reviewer: LynchCity Boi
    ------ About the song Freestyle performed by Cassidy

In this case, i'm the Devil,came to kill and destroy Took destruction of lyricists as a Will and its on You in trouble,Jesus wont save you no matter the church you belong This ya rip-off whether you rap or sing songs. Y'all spits shit,i cop kingship with battle like Vuga Ama prove it mic-wise,u wacker than ma five fingers Lines not straight like its marked without a ruler You guys cant get on ma level wit all this weak wings,i'm too high,too fly,ballin' out wit real big project Wit cheese in pocket,peeps feels me like water fills a bucket

    ------ About the song Freestyle performed by Cassidy

Doing my thing u know how it is n how it goes ama smoke ama drink get all fucked up he'll yea I don't give a fuck n I don't care if gods on ur side I'm a fucking monster  when I get on the mic call for ur back up I'll tare ur back up
That's how it is n that's how it goes I'm in a battle filled n I'm not going out that easy so start getting bezzy cause I'm all ready buzzing it n I'm not happy with what u are n what u representing 
I'm representing that Cali blue from head to toe I thought u knew I dont quit on the mic I go hard on the mic like ur bitch loves my mic I take out the trash just with one line one rime one track homie that's all it takes homie no bats n guns no blades just one more rime on my pllaylist bitches I'm amazing take brake while I brake the brakes of that pussy I'm still standing u pussys n none of lames can't Touch me like I have 
This is life in this life the game don't change like I don't change I change my bitch but not my kalah kick u bitches out my town like I kick lames out my left pocket they try a fit in buh can't hang with tha blue flags 
Brown n proud I am so I'm not scare of what they say or bang 
My pen might run out of ink buh worth it's time like dying in a dream
I spit from tha Dome so is my own blood cells that's talking shit 
Too who got a hate
It's no beer bolls I'm me the real me blue boy one Wassup I'm down for my town so bow down to thiz crazy ass clown if my life was a chain n n happen to wear it you'll end up with a hunch back that's how heavy it gets 
u won't last walking a mile in ma shoes Fo shit this is my life this is what made me a man born as a suspect raise as a convect fuck what u gotta say anything goes that's why I stay 
it will be back like a bitch Comes fo mor of my dick I got my money on my mine so don't try I earn all thiz green so go fish 
Been ther done that sold bud n made bucks around your blocks the hood made me n ur hood gav hate that's just mo fame 
I'm in daygo so cum an see how I live SOUTH EAST SAN DIEGO my city my streets 

bite my shit imma find you | Reviewer: Dirty$
    ------ About the song Freestyle performed by Cassidy

battle me like tranna beat Donald Trump at Monopoly, money, yall prolly broke n cop ya jewelz wit Monopoly money, in fact ya shit so wack i might juss let yall copy me money, collect my royalties copy me money, hit tha beach n put a cock in yo honey large sumz & properties dummy, yall shit iz useless i call it juss how tha shoe fitz spit yall wack shit again imma leave yall ass toothless homie, and thass no false speak call it a prophecy im on tha grind while yall hero'z rap about it on TV, flashin nine'z at niggaz who claim they wanna get beefy, flashin signs at niggaz throwin up P-$treet on tha creep why ya sleep G...

by white guy | Reviewer: alex
    ------ About the song Freestyle performed by Cassidy

i aint no black man so wat can i say, ill come at u like a class 5 hurricane, ill be blowing motherfuckers like u down all day, while i snort this hollywood line of cocain. yea that nice white shit cuz wen i spit im spitting out venom, that'll melt ur skull down to the cerabellum, better watch out b4 i bring out the mac 11, send u motherfuckas all the way to hell umm. haha so dont think its over im just getting ready, the back of my hand is just getting steady, im like the guy from ur dreams just call me freddy, ryhmes slicing threw yea like a big machete,
wont need to swing to hard the blade is nice and heavy, if u stay around things could get messy.
im in the bible just check the revalations, im coming at u from the newest generation, lets just call it a rap intervention, so all of u people better pay attention, cuz im not gunna give u a new notification, all of u just need a vacation. to think of new ryhmes to comapare against mine, before i grind u into dust with these next lines, cuz u cant comprehend wats going threw my mind u people think im lyin but its my time to rise and shine. u should just get up and smell the cofee while i bring the rain like im fuckin gadafi while u sit and watch from ur house in milwaky, im doing this for fun so dont get cocky or ill knock ur ass like im fucking rocky.

freestlyle | Reviewer: lil chi-chi
    ------ About the song Freestyle performed by Cassidy

i know im younge but i can freestlye then u,actullay i go on da computer on imvu,keep messing with me imma bout 2 split ya dome,imma take dis lyrics keep it go home! i freestlye every weeken,and i'll yall niggas cant rapp yall aways freaken,i jerk with skinnys jeans and do my cat daddy,im 12 years old and i have a mom and a daddy!

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