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Eric Bellinger Catch 22 Lyrics

Last updated: 02/10/2014 05:41:50 PM

Feat. Sevyn

You know I love you, girl
I just can't stand you, girl
But I don't wanna see you with nobody
Don't wanna see you with nobody

Don't wanna see you with nobody
No, I don't want you, girl

You're the readies that I've ever seen
Beauty, in on everything, it seems
Yeah, you everything that you need
It's so hard when you complain to me

I don't want to, but I got to
That you got, if I see you with another man
I'mma loose control. Just being honest
Cause I'm still a man, and I still got pride

And I still want I, I love you, girl



I've been for you, cause I don't work so hard
To be there for you, to be there through it all
Just to put men, cause all I gotta (???)
I thought that you would learn
But now we gotta let it burn



Hope he put that money in your pocket
Better hope he take you to the mall
I know you gonna be tripping everytime
You miss your call
You be on that bullshit
That's my wife
I'm just speaking that true shit
Wife, let me come on like



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