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  • Acid Rap Album (4/30/2013)
    Good Ass Intro
    Pusha Man
    Cocoa Butter Kisses
    Everybody's Something
    Interlude That's Love
    Favorite Song
    Smoke Again
    Acid Rain
    Chain Smoker
    Everything's Good

  • 10 Day Album (1/1/2012)
    14,400 Minutes
    Missing You
    Brain Cells
    Long Time
    22 Offs
    U Got Me Fucked Up
    Juke Juke
    Fuck You Tahm Bout
    Long Time II
    Prom Night
    Hey Ma

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    different from the rest | Reviewer: antuan fambro
        ------ About the album Acid Rap performed by Chance The Rapper

    chance the rapper is a unique rapper his flow sound style might go over your head the first time you listen to acid rap the way he rap almost seem unexpected from what you might be used to listen in today music

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