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Chicago based Chevelle is comprise of brothers Sam (drummer / bandleader), Pete (vocals/guitar),and Joe (bass) Loeffler. For four and a half years, Chevelle has been steadily building momentum as one of the "Windy City's" most promising young rock bands.

Sam, Pete and Joe seem to read one another's thoughts onstage, seemingly via a sibling-inherent telepathy.The trait is uncanny, yet somehow expected from three who have spent their whole lives in such close quarters. While they were habitually bashing away in their parents' basement from the beginning, the band was also busy booking gigs. Although they started out playing the obligatory party and outdoor social event circuit, in short order Chevelle was being booked in Chicago clubs such as the Fireside Bowl and Lounge Axe. Eighteen-year-old Joe, the youngest member, is one of the few teens who can brag about playing Chicago's prestigious Double Door when he was a mere fourteen.

Chevelle has had their less than glamorous moment s as well. For example, Pete offers up the song "Dos" to illustrate the universal experience of a band playing for an all but empty room. Though surely excruciating, the event produced a song with lyrics that are wryly humorous in context. "You two, you're what's left / I don't take requests." Though amusing, there's a touch of anger in the line as well, which is underscored by Pete's emotive voice (which can alternate between dispassionate detachment and primal scream in the course of a song). It's an emotion prominent throughout Point #1 , and a major part of Chevelle's brand of expression. "Music can help get aggression out of you," says Pete. "I don't want to live an angry life." Which is obvious from the subject matter at hand in the first single from point #1, "Mia." "Though it's named after a girl I know, the song is simply about quality," offers Pete, who delivers the lyric, "I'm made of peanuts, not of shells" as a way of saying that the payoff exists

when you get below the surface.

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growing on me this past few years | Reviewer: sully | 12/5/12

Chevelle caught my attention 3 yrs ago when they opened up for Staind. My opinion they were better than staind. Just love there style of music. Now i have 3 of there cd and planning on getting there latest greatest hits cd. I grew up on the grunge scene and when tool starting getting huge,I can here that sound in there music plus they have there own style mixed in with tool sound and early sound of soundgarden and alice in chains. I hoped they keep making new albums.

Might be the best band ever | Reviewer: Bill White | 6/14/12

I'm 44 and music has been a part of me from the beginning. Shit I got ride the lightning and kill em all on vinyl. Yeah. Been there from the beginning of metal/hard rock. These guys just flat blow me away. Nothing they play gets old to me. That's how you know they're speaking to your soul and not just your ears. I feel like I did when I heard ride the lightning for the first time. Absolutely cannot get enough of these guys and the new album h.o.t.t.b. Is fucking unreal. Enough said. They fuckin kill. LL chevelle

Chevelle | Reviewer: Bobsellsworth | 10/26/11

Although I've never listened to a single note from Chevelle, I can honestly say that those other reviews are lacking in quality, to the extent that if they were a baby, they'd have come from the anus instead of the vagina.

Chevelle..... | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/10/11

Chevelle is one band in an EXTREMELY LARGE group of bands i know. I have an impressively large memory. But chevelle is most deffinatly a favorite. After breaking benjamin, but that's still a success. I'm always in my room listening to music, and so much my mom's afraid i'm going to be one of those wierd kids who lives in their room. I'm eleven. But i do not plan on living in my room. I'm just a very serious person when it comes to music. I play trumpet, sing, write music, and live by music. I want to go to Julliard even though i know music isn't a priority in this world.... But where would we be without it? Not everyone could express themselves and many jobs would be lost and nonexistent. I don't know about you, but i couldn't live without music.

Control | Reviewer: Twisted | 1/23/11

Ive always experienced serious anger issues and have been locked up in prison twice as well as jail six times. I honestly would like to thank Chevelle for my conduct becoming what it is now. I was able to gain control after listening to "The Red" for months. Alternating of course, but whenever i neared my boiling point, i stopped and played the song. Dont know why, but i could feel the negative energy being redirected into feeling instead of an aggresive response as i normally would do. Thanks again guys...see you in Memphis, TN.

chevelle ftw! | Reviewer: Ashley Nicole! :3 | 9/26/10

i love, love, LOVE this band! the first song i hurd from them was "letters from a thief", and then i checked them out and hurd "well enough alone","jars", & "the clincher", but after i hurd "the red" i knew that this band would become one of my favorites. im waiting for them to go on tour, cuz im going to a concert! the guitar in the songs is just amazing! you can tell that they are into the music, not just for quick fame. you guys are gonna end up going places at this rate! :)

my favorite band! | Reviewer: fdaniel | 8/9/10

chevelle is one of the most unique bands out there and its incredible how underrated they are! every little thing about there music is simply awesome and there the one band i just dont get tired of. i have a feeling soon enough there going to start getting popular, iv already been telling everyone i know about them. i remember the first song i heard by them "send the pain below" which to this day is one of my favorite songs. then i heard "the red" then "jars" and thats when i really got into there stuff. chevelles music has such great meaning to it much more then these mainstream band of today. chevelle rocks!!

Chevelle keeps getting even better!! | Reviewer: Robin | 5/14/10

One mark of a truly talented artist/band is that their music grows more mature with time. Chevelle definitely has that quality. They didn't just, "hit it lucky" with a debut album, only to fall flat afterward. Chevelle keeps reaching ever higher, while never foregoing the quality that I, as a fan, expect and receive. I am in my 40's.... almost 50, and I am grateful to my kids for turning me on to Chevelle. I am a dedicated lover of this band's live performances and I play their music as a staple in my daily doings. Chevelle doesn't need bells and whistles on stage, either. These guys play hard and work hard on the road a great deal of time. I appreciate what they do very much.

Chevelle is an inspiration | Reviewer: Kelsey | 2/15/10

Chevelle is the most amazing band I have come across yet. I love every single one of their songs and have heard every one of their songs that have been exposed to the outside world. I cant get sick of them, i love listening to them. Petes voice is amazing. The guitar riffs are sexy. And the drumming is right in line. And the lyrics are great, so secretive yet understandable enough, inspirational and something i can relate to most of the time. They inspire me to sing, write songs and poetry, and play my guitar although i cant right now because i broke my collar bone =[ but as soon as it heals im going to start playing again. I have my own little chevelle fund so i can go see them in concert. I want to see them really bad. This band is astonishing.

Underated and amazing | Reviewer: J | 5/14/09

Chevelle is so fucking amazing, I mean their riffs, melodies, lyrics, I mean I can't say there's a song I don't like, I have been knocking "El Diablo" "Family System" since they came out. I literally played Vena Sera out so much my Cd won't play. I saw them live @ the Fillmore and they rock that shit so hard. Because they are talented you don't hear ton's of their stuff on the radio. That's fine though, I wouldnt want to share them! I am sooooo excited about the new album!

Chevelle | Reviewer: Jenn Ellis | 4/18/09

Truly talented guys! I've followed them since 95, when they did there demo " The Blue Album"! The deep lyrical aspect and the shit Pete comes up with, just makes it the best! Sam and Dean are very talented to , but for me Pete stands out the most! Whale like that and play the guitar, he never misses a beat! These guys are my favorite band!

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Chevelle's meaning to me......:D | Reviewer: ChEvElLe | 3/15/09

Let me tell you know.......
Chevelle is the best damn band:) They're my favorite band! Still Running, Closure, Vitamin R, and The Red are some of my favorite songs. When I first heard them, something about them gave me chills. They are totally and completely AWSOME!

Chevelle Review | Reviewer: Andrew | 1/28/09

I first heard of Chevelle when I came across the song "The Clincher" while surfing the net. I loved it so much, and I decided to buy some of their music. I bought "Vena Sera" first, then (oddly) bought the rest in backwards order. There was a big change in style between "Point #1" and "Wonder What's Next", but both of those albums are good, and from 1999 to the present, they have delivered nothing but perfection. They're my favorite band. They're probably one of the greatest alterantive/hard rock/alt metal bands ever.

Fantastic band ! | Reviewer: DelacroiX | 1/2/09

I first heard their "Well Enough Alone" and I was addicted to that song ! Then I bought other albums and searched for their lyrics ...
If you ask my opinion , They're going to be one of the best Alternative rock bands ever existed !

Perfection | Reviewer: T Suttie | 7/3/08

I loved tool, and my sister told me about aband who sounds like them. I didnt like them at al at first. Then I heard forfeit and I loved it. I started listening to all their otherstuff, and they pwn Tool.

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