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He’s a lot like the 16-year-old boy living in the house
next door to you: one minute he’s five-foot-seven, the next
he’s 6’1. One minute he’s a cute little boy trying to
dribble a basketball, the next a superstar point guard. One
minute he’s ducking under the covers pleading for five more
minutes of shut-eye, the next he’s racing through a day
full of recording, performances and interviews.

With his easy-going demeanor and schoolboy charm, Chris
Brown could easily be somebody that you know. With his
incredible voice and a debut cd laced More...

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Review about Chris Brown songs
dont wake me up | Reviewer: tawny jasmeen edwards
    ------ About the song Don't Wake Me Up performed by Chris Brown

this is a song:baby i love you and if it takes time and i will give you my live for you and me. dont you know that the rythem in my heart is going fast. baby did you know that i you this boy he is my love and heart everyday its comeing back comeing and coming back to you is my love for you and you only!!!!!!!!. I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN※

Throwed Lyrics | Reviewer: lorena songcayawon
    ------ About the song Throwed performed by Chris Brown

It has a different more light emotional feeling and it's good because it gives a breath of fresh air -- to the other more heart-wrenching songs. I enjoyed it

Chris Brown | Reviewer: Sanni A. Habeeb
    ------ About the song Fine China performed by Chris Brown

Fine China is cool, wicked-song, I just love it, I love the dance steps, action parts. I thinks, the Music ought to receives 100 grammy awards because the heaviness of the Video is UNMEASUREABLE

Rude n crude | Reviewer: Holly
    ------ About the song Deuces performed by Chris Brown

Sorry Breezy, I'm a HUGE fan, believe me, but this is just a cruel tune. Speaking from personal note, I got dumped by text by a guy that I had done absolutely nothing to and he quoted 'deuces' lyrics. He was very mean and harsh in dumping me. I've never felt so useless. This isn't something I would expect out of Chris Brown and I'm feeling disappointed and kind of let-down. Sorry but two thumbs down.

request | Reviewer: oscar
    ------ About the song Love More performed by Chris Brown

I think its nt de ryt tym 2 seach de lyrics of dis song surely nw is early coz u guys even u hvnt got it but I hope soon we'll get it anyway good job guys de owner(s) of dis web tnx

Touched my heart | Reviewer: Naomi
    ------ About the song Fine China performed by Chris Brown

The first time i heard 'Fine China',my boyfriend sang it to me.I loved it. Then i heard it and watched d video.I cried.I really,really,love it. It's So AwEsOmE. Kudos to chris and his team. A girl needs to hear once in awhile that she's 'JUST LIKE FINE CHINA'.....THANK YOU CHRIS.

Ignore the Haters | Reviewer: CBlue
    ------ About the song Fine China performed by Chris Brown

I was so impressed when I saw the video for "Fine China". It is awesome...the song, the dance, the story and the editing. Great job, Chris and Crew! I have watched it several times and can only say "I LOVE IT!" Keep doing what you do and ignore the haters!

Charles | Reviewer: Charles
    ------ About the song Say Goodbye performed by Chris Brown

Dis song is smething else to me. Chris ur d best almong all. I love dis song cus i had a misundastndin wth my girlfrnd bt even since i sang dis song to her and cry, she 4gve me am happi 4 dis music. Never rite tym to say goodbye. Tnxz brown.

love it | Reviewer: kory
    ------ About the song Deuces performed by Chris Brown

chris brown is so nice with this deuces i sing to but to meet him in person would be a life time dream if he could hear me sing for him omg! breezy keep doing what your doing i love u chris. and team breezy allday get at us.$

Corrections please... | Reviewer: Jacklyn Kenya
    ------ About the song Remember My Name performed by Chris Brown

Instead of 'scar frm...' its supposed to be scar off my heart
End of the first verse instead of my name we have i love*3
so i gues ihave to steal your love away instead of stay... In the 2nd verse

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