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Dionne Warwick Close Enough Lyrics

Last updated: 02/25/2014 08:08:17 AM

I wanted to ask you your name
You said that you wanted the same
Both too afraid of what we would find
Sharing time
Now where are you running to
And who is inside of you
I remember your eyes
I knew they were waiting for someone

Close enough to touch each other
Yet we walk away
Both so in love
We were close enough to love each other
But too far away, lost in our reasons

We have been hurt before
And lovers can never be sure
We say that it's real
And the feeling is right
Hold me tight through this night

Repeat Chorus

Almost had the real thing
So much we didn't say
Even the future begged us to stay

Repeat Chorus

Songwriters: David Lasley, Willie WIlcox
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