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City The Great Cold Corner Lyrics

Last updated: 09/09/2013 05:49:31 AM

Yeah most...shit, I ain't talking touchdown nigger
I got a story to tell

Little Teddy was a money getter
Pretty boy honey hitter
Nigger out in work you could tell by his scars
Baps witness with bars gave his enemies odds
Stand up nigger yeah he's guilty as charged
Red regulate, been running round with papi
Up town since 88
He died about the feds, 99 for pushing heavy weight
A lot of us out of love for heavy man
The end of the man, all eyes on him that's the end of the gate
Bullets hit I'll be hitting head with Giuseppe
Pussy yellow tape you watch it from the fire escape
Came on outside, no man is safe from
Can't go next to him, know when he betrays her
If you're looking history you know where his trades were
He pour whenever rain come
Thought as far his brain was
Hopping out the car for me
Greeting when he came up
He passed at the game all the sudden felt the strain numb
Shot shaking on the floor like where the fuck that came from
Should've did the knowledge when sitting this part of the game son
Off course staring at the sky with your brains numb
Sees a hash reality but that's the only outcome

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