Coldplay Albums

  • Ghost Stories Album (5/19/2014)
    Always In My Head
    True Love
    Another's Arms
    A Sky Full Of Stars

  • Mylo Xyloto Album (10/24/2011)
    Hurts Like Heaven
    Charlie Brown
    Us Against The World
    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
    Major Minus
    Princess Of China
    Up In Flames
    Don't Let It Break Your Heart
    Up With The Birds

  • Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends Album (6/16/2008)
    Cemeteries Of London
    Lovers In Japan / Reign Of Love
    Chinese Sleep Chant
    Viva La Vida
    Violet Hill
    Strawberry Swing
    Death And All His Friends
    The Escapist
    Life In Technicolor II
    Glass Of Water
    Rainy Day
    Prospekt's March / Poppyfields
    Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

  • X & Y Album (3/16/2005)
    Square One
    What If
    White Shadows
    Fix You
    X & Y
    Speed Of Sound
    A Message
    The Hardest Part
    Swallowed In The Sea
    Twisted Logic

  • Live 2003 Album (11/4/2003)
  • A Rush Of B-Sides To Your Head Album (9/1/2003)
  • Clocks Album (5/13/2003)
  • A Rush Of Blood To the Head Album (8/28/2002)
  • Blue Room Album (8/1/2000)
  • Parachutes Album (7/10/2000)
  • Brothers & Sisters Album (4/26/1999)
  • Safety EP Album (5/25/1998)

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    Reviews about Coldplay albums
    tough 10 years. | Reviewer: belle
        ------ About the album A Rush Of Blood To the Head performed by Coldplay

    Well this album... ive known since last I remembered like 1-2 years old... well my dad had to leave cause stuff happened you know... and when I got old enough when my mom told me everything that happened and this cd was not the same. I would cry every time. Especially to the scientist. But just this year (my 12th year(2014 march) I got to meet my dad. He was gone for 10 years. Now I listen to this song and just think how lucky I now am having my dad in my life... wow. Its amazing.

    Different But Easy to Embrace. Monumental improvement and sound | Reviewer: Mateo Ospina
        ------ About the album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends performed by Coldplay

    Coldplay's 4th studio album is a MONUMENTAL improvement over its incredibly dull predecessor, both musically, and thematically. The album seeks to unify the masses, with themes of love, war and peace. Musically, it expands beyond Coldplay's easily accessible songs and progressions, with ambient sounds and diverse instrumentation, with some afrobeat influences. Although it is definitely harder to listen to, it is still easy to embrace and won't take much to get used to. One of the album's main strengths is its production, as Coldplay teams with Brian Eno, who does a great job at giving these songs their charm, something which the previous album had none of due to a terrible production job. Coldplay's experiments on songs such as "42" are a concern however, as they borrow a bit too much from influences like Radiohead, not performance-wise, but song-wise, however, Coldplay manages to bring experimental music down to a level accessible enough to allow even mainstream listeners and previous fans to enjoy, despite some awkward vocals, lyrics and transitions. The best tracks on this album emit love, and unity, while bringing together the masses.

    Music: 85%
    Lyrics: 90%
    Delivery: 75%
    Production: 90%

    Overall: 85% - 4/5 stars

    Best tracks: 9. Strawberry Swing
    8. Violet Hill
    7. Viva la Vida
    2. Cemeteries of London

    Note: These are only my opinions, you don't have to believe what I say, have your own experience with this album.

    Horrible Production. Coldplay Tried Too Hard | Reviewer: Mateo Ospina
        ------ About the album X & Y performed by Coldplay

    First of all, I would like to congratulate the producer on making one of the worst-quality albums I've ever heard, I love my music when it sounds like plastic. I wonder why the quality of their music just plummeted from one album to another, the tracks are distorted, crammed and flat, it totally crushes the songs, I cringe whenever Chris pronounces an 's'. Now for the actual music. The album opens with "Square One", a solid track which sets the mood immediately with pulsating synths. Then comes "What If", a track which starts off poor and becomes slightly stronger, but the crisp sounds heard in previous albums aren't so clear, and the strings are dead, thank you producer. Then come the singles. "White Shadows" is good, and it shows Coldplay's more commercial sound, which is not too affected by the production on this track, except for the last bit, which transitions into the next track in the most dull way possible. The energy of "White Shadows" is not complimented by Chris' high-pitched whines in "Fix You", which happens to be the most overrated song of the last decade, in my opinion. The song is another boring love-song, with a poor delivery, but an acceptable climax, it is however, the nearest thing they had to their previous hits, which probably explains part of its success, but "Fix You" is Coldplay trying too hard to write a hit good enough to match their previous ones, and its success is due to excitement. The album moves on to "Talk", a more preferable song, which is distorted by the production of the album, but has a nice hook. Then comes "X&Y", a song that doesn't fit with the album, but is ok on its own. Then comes "Clocks", I mean, "Speed of Sound", one or the other, the only difference is their chorus. After this comes "A Message", I like this one, but how can Chris get his lovely message across with the poor production? "Low" is pretty much "White Shadows" and "Talk" all over again. Then comes a high point, "The Hardest Part". This song is different from the rest of the album, and is not affected as hard by the poor production, a great song. Then come the last two songs "Swallowed in the Sea" and "Twisted Logic", which are just there to me, twisted by the horrible production. But wait! there's a bonus track! great... "Til Kingdom Come" is actually pretty good, it is of good quality and a good listen. Lyrically the album is all right, sometimes it crashes completely, but even in the good parts it fails to deliver, as if Coldplay no longer has a passion for their music, a passion you can feel in the performance of their previous albums. "X&Y" is Coldplay being desperate and trying too hard to stay on top, ending in a total mess, a commercially successful mess.

    Music: 80%
    Lyrics: 75%
    Delivery: 60%
    Production: 35%

    Overall: 62% - 3/5 stars

    Best Tracks: 1. Square One
    10. The Hardest Part

    Note: This is all my experience, I encourage you to have your own experience and not to take my reviews as fact, they are only opinions

    Great Album. Improves on an Old Sound. | Reviewer: Mateo Ospina
        ------ About the album A Rush Of Blood To the Head performed by Coldplay

    This is one of the albums I refer to when I think "Alternative Rock". Songs like "Clocks", "Politik" and "Warning Sign" are great definitions of the genre, and this album has all the climaxes and dramatic build-ups of post-rock and passionate lyrics. The album opens with "Politik", a track that is passionate and epic, however, I can't stop feeling like its main components are borrowed from old sounds, the first bit sounds too much like Blur's "Sing", it is still however a great song. The album then plays a string of hits starting with the lovely "In My Place" and ending with track 5, the landmark "Clocks", which is in my opinion one of the best singles of the 2000's. These 5 songs make up one of the best A-sides (call me old-fashioned, I'm not going to call it a first-half) I have ever heard, filled with thoughtful lyrics and passionate songs, Coldplay made all the right moves releasing these as singles. I'm going to cut the album in half at track 6, "Daylight". At first listen this song may sound a bit sketchy, but listen to the lyrics closely, they're on to something, some deep enlightenment stuff, there is more to this track than there seems. Then "Green Eyes" a ballad that you can't help but love, truly sweet and romantic song. Then comes "Warning Sign", a long track with passionate and thoughtful lyrics, and a wonderful climax. Then comes "A Whisper", this is an odd one, the rolling guitar rhythm, verses and choruses don't quite seem to add up, but I appreciate Coldplay trying something else, possibly the weakest track on the album. Then comes the grand finale, the title track "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and "Amsterdam", the former with great, thought-provoking lyrics and the latter with an epic closing to the album, a very strong finisher. Even though it's nothing new, a rush of blood to the head is exactly what this album is in Coldplay's discography, nothing by them was as good as this as of early 2014, too bad they sold-out, they had a great future.

    Music: 95%
    Lyrics: 90%
    Delivery: 95%
    Production: 90%

    Overall: 92% - 5/5 stars

    Stand-out Tracks: 1. Politik
    2. In My Place
    5. Clocks
    8. Warning Sign
    11. Amsterdam

    Notes: These are only my opinions, you don't have to believe what I say, have your own experience with this album.

    Coldplay's Best | Reviewer: Mateo Ospina
        ------ About the album Parachutes performed by Coldplay

    This album doesn't sound much like a debut album,and is much better than most Coldplay albums, but it is very underrated. The production on this album is just amazing, top-notch, especially when compared to any of their releases after "A Rush of Blood to the Head". The lyrics are good, can definitely bring some emotions out of you, but nothing exceptional, mainly romantic. Sweet songs, beautiful songwriting, a lovely album overall, too bad the band themselves hate it.

    Music: 85%
    Lyrics: 75%
    Flow: 80%

    Overall: 80% - 4/5 stars

    Standout tracks: 2. "Shiver" 5. "Yellow" 10. "Everything's Not Lost"

    Note: All my opinions, I am not telling you what to believe, this is only my experience.

    The Greatest Album for the Greatest Band | Reviewer: Rozie Loo
        ------ About the album Parachutes performed by Coldplay

    this album just shows all the diversity in Coldplay's music. there is slow, jazzy, and just down-right beautiful all mixed into one. if you are reading this review for opinions, the only opinion you'll find on this album is how good it is!

    This album molded me for my better days when it was released | Reviewer: Maui Anne
        ------ About the album X & Y performed by Coldplay

    When X and Y was released circa 2004-2005 with some leaks of songs here and there, I went through a terrible loss of a family member. I was only 12 at the time and couldn't understand the gravity of death until my grandfather had passed. Having trying to attempt suicide myself only a few times, death had never been that serious and honest to me until then. I listened to Coldplay back in 2001, and "Clocks" really set me off to "A Rush of Blood to the Head", and couldn't wait to get X&Y. As soon as I got it, I listened to it both before and after his death. It helped me get through a lot of depression, despite many saying that Coldplay can induce it, that wasn't the case for me. Highly recommend any day, they always have a song for your mood.

    Top CD's of ALL Time!!!! | Reviewer: Emily Olson
        ------ About the album Parachutes performed by Coldplay

    This CD is one of my all time favorite CD's! Every single song on this CD is a masterpiece. I can feel the emotion in the songs, not just one but EVERY single song. If you don't have this CD you MUST get it. It is artistic, heartfelt words cant even describe. When i listen to it, it takes me to another place. Its one of my very favorites for years..There aren't many CD's that EVERY song is awesome on.

    X & Y The best Album for me | Reviewer: GUL
        ------ About the album X & Y performed by Coldplay

    I've been listening to this album since release, I loved Parachutes, not too keen on AROBTTH (sorry I know everyone likes it but I don't) and it still sounds as good as the first time. Square One sets the album off perfectly, this and Radiohead's OK Computer are my best albums of all time

    admirer | Reviewer: henok
        ------ About the album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends performed by Coldplay

    it might be occuard to here frome a guy who lives in the 3rd world but music is an international language and i found yours to be the best for me next to the artists from germany *the scorpions*you should listen it belive me it is the shit. to conclude i specialy admire the songs ,yellow from parachut and all of the rush of blood to the head and i suggest that you come and visit Ethiopia it is so beautifull that you would forget all the comfort you had before

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