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Just months after Coldplay released their #1 debut album,
Parachutes, in England, they were hailed as Band of the
Year 2000 in the music press. How did these four college
friends become the poster children for a nation's emotions?
It may have happened at the speed of light, but it wasn't
as easy as it seems.

Coldplay secured a permanent position in Britain's music
elite by writing beautiful, simple songs that gently pulled
at the heartstrings of a nation. Somewhere in between the
confident, vulnerable guitar playing of Jonny More...

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Review about Coldplay songs
A warning sign | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Warning Sign performed by Coldplay

Recently I've been sad and crying, 'cause my boyfriend told me that he doesn't feel the same for me, and that broke my heart into pieces,. This song has a weird meaning to me, 'cause it was "A warning sign" when he told me that, i love him very much but I don't know what exactly he want. He told me that he wants to feel the same again but He doesn't know how.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What If performed by Coldplay

I can see that many people have very different ways to interpret this song , but here is what i think it means.

First of all , this album is related to love, drectly or not, and second , i think im feeling the same thing this express.

- The fist verves are about drepessing thoughts ("no lie, nothing wrong , noting rigth,no time,no reason ,no rhyme" = it express that basics of life could be all wrong), and then the main idea : "what if you should decide .." reflects that he fears of getting rejeted.

-This is checked when he says on the next strophe: "What if i got it wrong.."
He then ask himself of the possible changes than will make that relationship ; "could put rigth what i got wrong, make it feel i belong"

-The corus : "Thats right" = love is right " -..."jump over the side " = risk it (about love)
and then: "how can you know it when you dont even try" = it means that she doesnt accept his request ,thinking that she knows the results will be bad, and he replies, you dont know until you risk it

-The third strophe is about saying that regeting him could be her biggest mistake , and the next part makes me feel identifided ; "it could bend , or it could break , but thats the risk that you take". This express my feelings about a girl that suffered before beacuse of past breaks and is scared about what could i do to her.

-And the last part; " You know that darkness always turns into light " express that the future will be better than the past.

The progresion of this song from a drepensing state to a true emotional state, expresing the most important feeling in live with excelent arguments makes this in my opinion, the best love song of coldplay.
Dont think is sad that i didnt got her, beacuse that is exactly what i want to do know , and i will reply with the results.

Spies | Reviewer: Dante
    ------ About the song Spies performed by Coldplay

I think that the spies are our fears.
We know they are there and they are everywhere,
And we fear them and we try to hide of them,
But they will always be there.
In the beginning you are feeling bad because you know
This and you are scared, but then you learn to accept them
And you feel good about it that you know they are there.
If you don't give them too much power, they won't be able
To touch you and get to you.

This is only what I think, so if you think something else,
That's totally fine. I just think this interpretation feels best for me. :)

Best song ever as well as the lyrics | Reviewer: Beverly Schoeber
    ------ About the song Fix You performed by Coldplay

I lost both my sons one just recently my baby at 46. This song reminds me of their lives and their deaths. It is beautiful and the epitome of love. I cry every time I hear it.

    ------ About the song Warning Sign performed by Coldplay

I met the girl of my life about a month ago. I have never met a girl so sweet and pure that she was. We dated for 4 weeks and my love was getting deeper every day. I've never been as happy as I was with her. I told to her that I felt like the luckiest man on planet. Everything was going on well, but I woke up to a txt message which broke my world. I never expected it to come, though she was concerned about some 6month Asia-trip which was coming on future after summer. It's been 3 days and I've been just silent. The pain is overwhelming. This song got my eyes blurred very bad. I just wish I can get her back, even after that trip. Love don't fear distance, and maybe dont pick up the best moment of your life to get together, but no matter what, I would never give up my true love. She was my everything, and I can say that I love her. I wish I could play this song to her.

breaks my heart | Reviewer: lav_coldplayer
    ------ About the song Another's Arms performed by Coldplay

This song just literally express Chris' feeling. As a coldplayer it really breaks my heart to see him in such a depressed yet beautiful song. This 'another's arms' could be meant as Gwyn whos not in his side anymore. So heartbreaking but a genius melodramatic notes comes from it. Anyway i'm a big fan of Coldplay and i support and love them no matter in what circumstances they are.

Crying | Reviewer: Kai
    ------ About the song What If performed by Coldplay

For me this is the lost love of mine at the brim of
the only thing that comes forth, the end of love!
So how could I save It? I f you only ... And then I will..
People are quite stobburn, so this is often how it ends, unfortunately :(

Connections! | Reviewer: Silvia
    ------ About the song Fix You performed by Coldplay

Every once in a while I get a time in my life when I can feel myself written in this song. Every single line reminds me of certain events that are very painful to think about. I'm sure no one actually cares, but I just need to tell someone what this song means to me, so too bad: I have been striving my entire life to be as good in school as my 4.0 siblings, but I have always fallen short. I am constantly trying, but I don't succeed. I don't get what I want or what I need, emotionally speaking. I'm not really sure which is which. I can never sleep, but I am exhausted in all possible ways. I simply lie awake at night, dreaming of all the things that will never come to be. In 7th grade, at the end of the year, our teacher had us pass around a sheet of paper to the whole class. Everyone had to write one genuine compliment on it about the person. It was my most prized possession. The comments ranged from being about my spelling to my flute playing to my smile. But they all felt real, and I was so happy to know that at least some of them actually believed this. But then one day I stuck it in a bag with my water bottle, and it got wet. The marker smeared, and now it is illegible. I can't replace those sentiments, that acceptance. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and I lost it. About love- I really like this guy. I let him read my journal, which had an entry about my crush on him in it, but at the end I added another page (full of lies) saying that I didn't like him anymore. He asked me to tell him how I felt about him "no bullshit". I said I didn't like him. Then he said he liked me. I felt so stupid and sad. It wasn't just that I blew my chance with him, but how on earth is he ever going to trust me again?! I regret that conversation almost more than anything. I can't see the lights. I once saw them, but they're gone. And I'm lost. No one can fix me. Whether I go to Heaven or Hell, I'll never let it go. I don't know what I'm worth, but my estimate is not much. I want someone to fix me. I need someone to fix me. But no one tries. Or maybe I don't want to try myself, and that's the real problem... I'm sorry to vent. But thank you so, so much, to anyone who listened. I really appreciate it.

Clocks | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Clocks performed by Coldplay

This song is about someone who is in a relationship but is in love with someone else.At night he can't stop dreaming about the other women and it is all consuming. He wants to say how he feels and to be able to trust the girl. The trouble is what's going to happen when he tells his current girl. The tiger is his new love and he needs to tame it. The confusion is being trapped between relationships and the time is coming to make a move. He is ready to move forward but does not want to hurt his current love. He is thinking about the missed chances in his life and doesn't want to miss out on this opportunity. His new love is his home and nothing else compares.

34103070674978532046 do not ask why | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fix You performed by Coldplay

To me is the song about christmas. We try as good as we can with things, we get what we want but not what we need and the lights will guide us home. Oh and as usual, there is always one and another that dies during christmas.

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