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The Dirty Dozen (D12) are 6 emcees from Detroit, Michigan.
These emcees are Eminem, Proof, Bizarre, Swift, Kuniva and
the Kon Artis. Each one of them has an alter ego, making 12
members or a dozen (D12). According to Bizarre, it was
Proof who came up with the concept while they were in a car
together driving back from New York. Proof said he had an
idea for a rap group in which each member had an alter ego.
Both, Eminem and Kon Artis are producers, but Eminem mainly
raps and Kon Artis mainly produces.

Eminem had already established More...

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Review about D-12 songs
Don't cry for me,I just went home | Reviewer: B.B.T(bear dreams)
    ------ About the song Good Die Young performed by D-12

okay,I ask myself why Eminem didn't appear on this song.Bizzare's verse sucks,cause he doesn't talk about Bugz,he just talk shit.Well done to Kuniva,Swift,Kon and Proof.But all in all Proof killed them with his sick rhymes and gruff voiced flow.Nobody knows Bugz,but i only love him,for the reason that he introduced Swift to the crew.Rest in Peace Bugz and Proof,world will remain the good place withou you,but D12 won't be the same.We love you(D12) in South Africa

Good although... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bring It To You performed by D-12

There are still full lines, and words here and there missing. Some of the lyrics are hard to decipher good job although i would love to see the complete lyrics for this its for sure one of my favorite songs!!! RIP Karnail Pitts AKA Bugz and deshaun Holten- Big Proof, ridaz for life!!!

Idiot. | Reviewer: Todd
    ------ About the song Devils Night performed by D-12

You people are dumb. The only reason he mentioned Kurt Cobain is because he killed himself. Shooting himself in the head "a whole generation of kids BLOWIN THEIR BRAINS TO THIS". If you're too stupid to understand what yea saying don't even comment.

Awesome, Best song ever | Reviewer: joe anthony najar
    ------ About the song Rap Game (featuring 50 Cent) performed by D-12

I loved this song, so awesome best iv'e heard yet. I really want this ringtone i'll be BALLIN!! 50-cent is one of the best rappers alive and d12 r.i.p Tupac Amaru Shakur and Notoriuos B.I.G Biggie Smalls. shout out to Dr.dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Lil wayne, drake, Birdman, and all of G-unit and YMCMB

really good song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Devils Night performed by D-12

well I know no one has looked at this webpage for a while, and probably wont for a few years, but I want to say that he doesnt think kurt cobains music is devil worshipping, he thinks that people think his music is horrible and hes just ironically saying that his music is almost as bad (remember, hes ironically saying this) as kurt kobains

People misunderstanding lyrics... | Reviewer: RuSeRiOuS?!
    ------ About the song Devils Night performed by D-12

Anyone who got Kurt Cobains music is devil worshiping is a total moron... Em was comparing his music to devil worshiping and hate music because that is what the song is about. He uses Kurt Cobain simply as a reference for "a whole generation of kids blowin' out their fuckin' brains to this". And that was also a reference to his(Em's) music. He has his information correct as always my stupid friends. Em is still a lyrical genius and arguably the best rapper/lyricist in the business today. And for anyone who thinks his days are numbered... try looking at how much money he has compared to any rockstar/metal band out there. I, myself, am a metal fan, but I have to admit that Em will never be touched by any lawsuits that they could dream up for being as stupid as you.

eminem | Reviewer: thando mralaza
    ------ About the song These Drugs performed by D-12

i like eminem lyrics i can relate on what he sayin in his songs coz wen i have a shitty day i drift away and put em coz i dnt reali got shit else that shit helps wen im depressed i even got a tattoo of his name across da chest

Best song i have ever heard | Reviewer: brooke
    ------ About the song Good Die Young performed by D-12

This song is a truly amazing song, it made me cry the first time i heard it. the good do die young, i know. i lost my sister when she was pretty young, my real father died of a stabbing accident and my aunty was shot.
none of these family members deserved to die but they did and they died young.

I guess one of the messages they try to get out there is that people may be young but they can die at any stage.

Bugz was great, D12 won't be the same with out him. R.I.P
Same with proof, he is gone, D12 is not the same with out these amazing artists

RIP forever Bugz & Proof

Shocking image. | Reviewer: Xathur
    ------ About the song Devils Night performed by D-12

Devil's night is a good song on a very good album, I disagree with eminem's Lyrics and the rest of em followers. It seems like he ran out of ideas.
If he does really call metal/rock fake music!? Then his days are numbered.
I got nothing more than a warn, Those guys don't F*** around they will sue you they will get you. None of the d12 army could ever protect ya.

fucking crazy | Reviewer: ry
    ------ About the song Purple Pills performed by D-12

as i sit listening to pandora, blunt in hand and sipping a bottle of 312 (who knows it?) i listen to this song. i havent heard this since seventh grade when i didnt know half the shit they are talkin about. This song if intense. Em and d-12 have serious problems with their head. Exactly why eminem is my favorite artist.

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