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When rap music first emerged in the mid 1970s, it connected with listeners immediately by addressing all aspects of urban life with its unique freedom of self-expression. As the music evolved into a global cultural force, at least one rap icon remains true to the music's heritage. That man is DJ Quik. With four gold and platinum albums and production work with 2Pac, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre to his credit, DJ Quik stands as one of hip-hop's most consistent artists and musicians. To his credit he has over 100 million soundscanned recordings! On his forthcoming seventh album, and his first for Mad Science/Fontana distribution, the Compton, California legend sets a new standard for lyrical and musical innovation.

"This record is fun," DJ Quik explains. "It has tons of air." "You won't feel claustrophobic with this record because there is not a ceiling. This record is as expansive as the universe, but yet as confined as a CD. DJ Quik's musical mastery shines as soon as the album starts with Intro For Roger. Typically a laid-back rapper, DJ Quik raps aggressively on the mid-tempo selection about the pain and loss he's suffered over the last several years. My best friend's dead, my heart is a stone, he raps. My soul ain't even mine to own. The lyrics refer to the murder of his friend and collaborator, and the song is dedicated to one of DJ Quik's musical influences, the late Roger Troutman, who was also murdered. "It's about what I've been going through for the last couple years, DJ Quik says. "I know people want to hear what kept me out of the limelight, what I was going through personally. The song is my journal. People that know me will understand it. I just had a lot of dead weight that I had to shed."

DJ Quik's new direction is evident on Ladies-N-Thugs, a sizzling cut that also features vocals from Wyclef Jean. Over a block-rocking beat that boasts an extra thick bassline and sinister strings, Quik and Jean trade lyrical haymakers. "Both Clef and myself understand what it takes to stay rhythmic and be cathartic at the same time," DJ Quik says. "People want to feel how you feel, but they want to feel it to rhythm." Then, on the sexy Nate Dogg-guested "Black Mercedes," Quik turns his focus to the ladies. But there's a twist, of course. He dedicates the first two verses to wordplay and boasting of his sexual prowess, but in the third verse he delivers several thought provoking lyrics, including "What kills more, gangbanging or the gang bang?"

For DJ Quik, it is important to address serious issues in his music, even on what seem to be lighthearted songs. "It's almost like a self-check as well because I did both," he says. "People can talk all day about what's more dangerous, but they're both dangerous. People get hurt with infidelity just as much as they get hurt because of colors in the street. If you're doing something wrong, chances are it's going to be a matter of time before you get bit in your ass."It's a lesson DJ Quik puts into practice on "Jet Set," an old fashioned West Coast sounding song, through which he raps of his new emotional freedom.

"I'm talking about not being confined by having to get a 40 out of the freezer, getting drunk, trying to have sex with the cute girl in the hood, or going to beat up these dudes around the corner just because your homeboy asked you to," he says. "It's a wake up record." In addition to featuring the best lyrics of his career, the new album also contains the type of thick, bottom-heavy warmth virtually absent from modern day music. "I think we all end up missing music when the technology gets better, and in most cases over the years, hip-hop has gotten progressively thinner and thinner in the low end because it became too expensive to do records the old-fashioned way; getting real musicians in, engineers in and some of the older equipment, because it became high maintenance after a while," he says.

"It was more cost effective to go to computers and have the speed. What you lose for speed is sound. My thing was to try to find a sound that was comparable to our old sound." DJ Quik knows of what he speaks. Since debuting in the early 1990s as a talented rapper, producer and talent scout, he has four albums that have been certified either gold or platinum, and a production resume that includes acclaimed work with Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Janet Jackson, Rick James, Chingy, Ludacris, and 8 Ball & MJG, among many others. But as DJ Quik became one of the West Coast rap scene's most revered figures, he was riddled with a series of personal and professional setbacks, including the passings of several friends and a number of disappointing business ventures with recent and long-time associates.

So DJ Quik made a change and removed himself from the negative situations surrounding him. He decided to expand his sound and redirect his focus into his own career. The results have been staggering. In 2003, DJ Quik produced: 'Justify My Thug' for Jay-Z's landmark The Black Album. Some of his other recent beat work includes songs for triple-platinum rapper Chingy, and multi-platinum artists Ludacris and Jadakiss. He also scored the Chris Rock film Head Of State and contributed music to the popular True Crime: Streets Of LA video game.


DJ Quik Quik Is The Name Sweet Black Pussy writer, producer
Profile Records Tonite writer, producer
PLATINUM CD Born & Raised in Compton writer, producer
Deep writer, producer
Tha BomBudd writer, producer
Dedication writer, producer
Quik Is The Name writer, producer
Loked Out Hood writer, producer
8 Ball writer, producer
Quik’s Groove writer, producer
Tear It Off writer, producer
I Got That Feelin writer, producer Skanless writer, producer

DJ Quik Way 2 Fonky Americaz Most Complete Artist writer, producer
Profile Records Mo’ Pussy writer, producer
PLATINUM CD Way 2 Fonky writer, producer
Jus Lyke Compton writer, producer
Quikz Groove II writer, producer
Me Wanna Rip Your Girl writer, producer
When You’re a Gee writer, producer
No Bullshit writer, producer
Only Fo’ Tha Money writer, producer
Let Me Rip Tonite writer, producer
Niggaz Still Trippin writer, producer
Tha Last Word writer, producer

DJ Quik Safe & Sound Street Level Entrance writer, producer
Profile Records Get At Me writer, producer
GOLD CD Diggin U Out writer, producer
Safe & Sound writer, producer

DJ Quik Safe & Sound Can I Eat It? writer, producer
Profile Records It’z Your Fantasy writer, producer
GOLD CD Tha Ho In You writer, producer
Dollaz & Sense writer, producer
Let Me Havit writer, producer
Summer Breeze writer, producer
Quiks Groove III writer, producer
Sucka Free writer, producer
Keep That “P” In It writer, producer
Somethin 4 Tha Mood writer, producer
Don’t You Eat It! writer, producer
Hoorah 4 Tha Funk writer, producer

DJ Quik Rhythm-al-ism Rhythm-al-ism writer, producer
Arista Recods We Still Party writer, producer
GOLD CD So Many Wayz writer, producer
Hand In Hand writer, producer
Down, Down, Down writer, producer
You’z A Gangsta writer, producer
I Useta Know Her writer, producer
No Doubt writer, producer
Speed writer, producer
Whateva U Do writer, producer
Thinkin Bout U writer, producer
El’s Interlude writer, producer
Medley For A “V” writer, producer
Bombudd II writer, producer
Get2Getta Again writer, producer

DJ Quik Balance & Options Change Da Game writer, producer
Arista Records Did Y’ All Feel Dat? writer, producer
GOLD CD We Came 2 Play writer, producer
Pitch In On A Party writer, producer
I Don’t Wanna Party Wit U writer, producer
Sekuality writer, producer
How Come? writer, producer
U Ain’t Fresh writer, producer
Roger’s Groove writer, producer Quikker Said Than Dunn writer, producer
Speak On It writer, producer

DJ Quik Balance & Options Do Whutcha Want writer, producer
Arista Records Well writer, producer
GOLD CD Quik’s Groove V writer, producer
Do I Love Her? writer, producer
Tha Divorce Song writer, producer

DJ Quik Under Tha Influence Tha Proem writer, producer
Mad Science Recordings Trouble writer, producer
Come 2nyte writer, producer
Put It On Me writer, producer
Murda 1 Case writer, producer
Ev’ryday writer, producer
Get Loaded writer, producer
Gina Statuatorre writer, producer
50 Ways writer, producer
Quik’s Groove 6 writer, producer
Get Tha Money writer, producer
One On 1 writer, producer
Sex Crymee writer, producer
Birdz & Da Beez writer, producer
Oh Well writer, producer
Out writer, producer

2nd II None 2nd II None More Than A Player writer, producer
Profile Records If You Want Me writer, producer
GOLD CD Be True To Yourself writer, producer
Let The Rhythm Take You writer, producer
Comin Like This writer, producer
Underground Terror writer, producer
Just Aint Me writer, producer
The Life Of A Player writer, producer
Aint Nothin Wrong writer, producer
What Goes Up writer, producer
Mystic writer, producer
Punk Mutha Fuckaz writer, producer
Niggaz Trippin writer, producer

2nd II None Classic 220 Up N Da Club writer, producer
Arista Records Don’t U Hide It writer, producer
Whateva U Want writer, producer
Make Em Understand writer, producer
Back Up Off the Wall writer, producer
Y? writer, producer
Princess writer, producer
Got A Nu Woman writer, producer

Shaquille O’Neal Respect The Way It’s Goin Down writer, producer

Shaquille O’Neal Can’t Stop The Reign Strait Playin writer, producer

Snoop Dogg Top Dogg Doin Too Much writer, producer
No Limit/Priority Records Buss N Rocks writer, producer
PLATINUM Don’t Tell writer, producer

2 Pac All Eyez On Me Heartz Of Men writer, producer
Death Row/Interscope Ambitinz Az A Ridah mixer
12X PLATINUM All Bout U mixer
Skandalouz mixer
Got My Mind Made Up mixer
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted mixer
Only God Can Judge Me mixer
I Aint Mad At Cha mixer
What’z Ya Phone # mixer
Ratha Be Ya Nigga mixer

Suga Free Street Gospel Why U Bullshittin? writer, producer
Island Records I’d Rather Give You My Bitch writer, producer
Doe Doe & A Skunk writer, producer
Don’t No Sukaz Live Here writer, producer
Tip Toe writer, producer
If U Stay Ready writer, producer
Fly Fo Life writer, producer
On My Way writer, producer
Secrets writer, producer
Dip Da writer, producer

Suga Free & Konnected In My Face writer, producer
Mausberg Sheppard Lane/Universal Aint No Doubt writer, producer
Whistle writer, producer
I Wanna See writer, producer
Hotel Motel writer, producer
Pimpin writer, producer
Don’t Walk Away writer, producer
Gone writer, producer

Deborah Cox One Wish One Wish producer
Arista Records

Tony Toni Tone Hits Boys & Girls producer
Mercury Records

Tony Toni Tone House Of Music Let’s Get Down writer, producer
Mercury Records

Soundtrack Deep Blue Sea Get Tha Money writer, producer
DJ Quik & Hi-C Warner Bros. Records

Soundtrack Muder Was The Case
Danny Boy Death Row/Interscope Come When I Call writer, producer
Jewell 2X PLATINUM Woman to Woman writer, producer
DJ Quik Dollars & Sense writer, producer

Truth Hurts Truth Hurts Addictive writer, producer Aftermath/Interscope I’m Not Really Looking writer, producer

Janet Jackson All For You All For You (remix) remix producer

Xzibit Restless Sorry I’m Away So Much writer, producer
Loud Records

Soundtrack Life It’s Like Everyday writer, producer
DJ Quik Featuring Rockland/Interscope

Soundtrack Training Day Put It On Me writer, producer
Dr Dre & DJ Quik Priority

Talib Kweli Quality Put It In The Air writer, producer

Nate Dogg untitled There She Goes writer, producer
Elektra Get Up writer, producer

8 Ball & MJG Space Age 4 Eva Buck Bounce writer, producer Jcor/Interscope Jankey writer, producer

Shaunta untitled Don’t Tell Nobody writer, producer

Soundtrack Made Men Do What you Want writer, producer
DJ Quik Redline

Kurupt Space Boogie Can’t Go Wrong writer, producer

Jermaine Dupri Life In 1472 Three the Hard Way writer, producer

2pac Greatest Hits Heartz of Men writer, producer

Roscoe Untitled How I’m Livin’ writer, producer

Soundtrack Above The Rim Dollarz & Sense writer, producer
Death Row/Interscope

Jay-Z The Black Album Justify My Thug writer, producer

2pac Until The End of Time Words 2 My First Born writer, producer

2pac Better Dayz Late Night writer, producer

Chingy Jackpot Loked Out Hood writer, producer
Capitol Records

Jadakiss Kiss of Death Shine writer
Ruff Ryders/Interscope

2pac Loyal To the Game Loyal To the Game writer, producer

Soundtrack Head of State Movie score writer/ producer
Chris Rock Dreamworks

DJ Quik Trauma Doctor’s Office writer/ producer
Mad Science Recordings Intro For Roger writer/ producer
Fandango writer/ producer

DJ Quik Trauma Till Jesus Comes writer/ producer
Mad Science Recordings Black Mercedes writer/ producer
Get Up writer/ producer
Ladies & Thugs writer/ producer
Catch 22 writer/ producer
Indiscretions In the Back of the Limo
writer/ producer
Pacific Coast Remix writer/ producer
Quikstrumental writer/ producer
Jet Set writer/ producer
California writer/ producer

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Quik is one | Reviewer: Angel Betters | 9/2/11

Quik is one is one of the all time greats. His dedicated fan bas has always supported him in all his business venues, even those not including music. Here is Tucson Quik has a very large dedicated fan base, my brothers,sisters and I have went every time he was here. Hope he doesn't retire anytime soon but that is what it sounds like in The Book of David. Either way Quik will be a mainstay in hip hop culture and has forever changed the music industary with REAL talent.

fwd | Reviewer: Kedron | 5/21/07

hey whats crackin dj quik homie my names
kedron i live in compton my brother i-roc
nos you but anyway i been kinda thinkin bout
you i red your website i found out you had 8
sisters thats cool

Lyrics | Reviewer: Rhonda Marshall | 5/6/07

I would be interested in the lyrics to the song: Title: Get Down

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