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Damien Rice was born on the outskirts of Dublin in the
early 70's and grew up in Celbridge Co. Kildare. He spent
much of his childhood down by the River Liffey
fishing...hours of catching little left plenty of time for

In March 1999 he moved to Tuscany, then travelled around
Europe, busking the streets. He arrived back to Dublin a
year later, with a clear head, loaded with idea's, he
approached his music with a new found freshness and decided
to put some songs down. Borrowing money from those that
would lend it, More...

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Review about Damien Rice songs
another perspective | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nine Crimes performed by Damien Rice

in reading through the interpretations i was shocked to find mine was one of a kind not shared with others.

i feel like the song is obvious in its writing about the act of cheating on your partner.

the line:
Give my gun away when it's loaded
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it

is talking about the potential harm and pain he could cause to his partner as represented metaphorically through a gun. however in telling her of what he is doing he is giving away this gun so that the pain and hurt may be fired at him for he no hee deserved it and unless he receives some kind of punishment ( in the sence of her shooting it) how then can he live with it. he is repeatedly asking is that alright with you as he apologies for what he has done. however the end comment of course is no.

meaning of volcano/blowers daughter | Reviewer: justabigfan
    ------ About the song Volcano performed by Damien Rice

Evident ally Damien used to work at a call center selling mortgages/ home loans. He met a girl, the daughter of the man he was calling for. He became intrigued and despite his job's policy, he continued to call for about a month to speak with her...often talking for over an hour. One day, the calls stopped. Damien obtained their address, went to their house, hiding in a hedge...n there she was...the same beautiful voice, in a school uniform. She was too young...

Aditya | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Professor & La Fille Danse performed by Damien Rice

Damien rice has written the best of the lyrics in the world ,no one else can think like him ..............this is my favourite song because it got best lyrics of all (according to me)...
wish i could think that deep :)

Blower's daughter sung by choit | Reviewer: martie du toit
    ------ About the song The Blower's Daughter performed by Damien Rice

I watched a Covert Affairs episode where this song was sung by a choir. My only brother passed away and his funeral was yesterday. Te words of this song is so beautiful it makes me cry all over again not only for the loss of my brother but for all the unhappy times in my life and the lifes of my daughters AND MY BROTHER who I miss so terribly. Please if anybody can tell me who is the choir that sang this beautiful song I wll appreciate it

saying I love you is saying goodbye. | Reviewer: mkc
    ------ About the song Cannonball performed by Damien Rice

Damien has the way to say just what goes on every day.
I told her I loved and never heard from her again. That
happened more than once but what is so sad is, I was told
I was loved and never called her again.
How easy is it to
recycle broken hearts. In a song, Not easy.

powerful honesty | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Accidental Babies performed by Damien Rice

As with everyone. This song describes better my situation than I ever could. I guess I am the first to go all out with this song though.

My situation: I am married and have been for 4 years now. My wife is an amazing woman. I love her... but not as much as I should or the way I should. 2 years ago I got a new job and met a woman there... from the beginning we have had just this 'thing' between us. This synchronicity that cant be judged or measured. She is also married. Because of this, we had never acted on our unspoken feelings. Until recently.

We both got married young and for the wrong reasons. But the reasons we should have had with our partners, we have found in each other. I am in the process of leaving my wife, but she wont let me go. And my affair, the woman I truly love wants to leave her husband but is terrified of what it will do to him.

this song is perfect, because it doesnt just describe the feelings but the situation. Having to have to hide your true happiness. While at work having to pretend there is nothing between us. The only time is behind closed doors that we dont have to act. Its so hard not to ignore what people might think when I look at her.

Sorry to speel... but it just feels so good to finally let it out.

damien rice. You are amazing and a true artist.

review the song minus your love for the songwriter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rootless Tree performed by Damien Rice

Lets assume these lyrics weren't written by a great singer and songwriter whose music we love but just a somebody. Take that emotional connection out and what do you have? You have someone who lacks character and emotional intelligence. He lacks the character to acknowledge his predicament involves his own doing. He is emotionally unintelligent to accept that and so appoints himself the victim.. All this torture and suffering, all the depth of despair he's in... it's all because of somebody else...the result of a perpetrator victimizing an innocent man. Please. Well unless we hear from the other side of the story, or hear what the perpetrators in this mans life have had to live with, then perhaps some simple advise will bring him out of his despair. Grow up!

Emotions & respect | Reviewer: Da ...
    ------ About the song Accidental Babies performed by Damien Rice

Eight years ago I met the man I would have loved and that I will love till I live. There is something unique between us, something that cannot be explained. We felt each other's feelings, sadness, happiness and anything else you can think of that a person can feel, without even speaking. When his eyes met mine I felt o much inside of me that I often cried because it was too much.
When I went to bed with him our bodies were like melted into each other and I used to cry cause of the strength of these emotions.
When we spoke we were able to finish each other’s sentences and it was also like this when we wrote to each other. We were seriously together for a little while but then in an everyday life things just didn't work out between us. Too similar to live under the same roof. Two strong characters which didn't leave space for the other. So we moved on to different lives and different people and 6 years ago I met a truly honest good and loyal person who's loved me ever since we met. In my own way I love him too cause of how much I admire him and his amazing personality. I feel good when I'm with him as I’ve always felt but in time I needed what no one in the world has ever had the change to live and that's what you read above. I needed all those emotions therefore I betrayed the one who I admired for his honesty and respect. This went on and off for years. Twice I tried leaving the respectful man for the "emotional" one but this always went wrong.
I've now decided to behave like a woman and gave up my emotions for a safe, respectful and loyal life. I will live till I die with this massive pain because I gave up those emotions as a sign of forgiveness of all that I've done without him knowing.
But I miss them and I miss who gave to me.
This song describes exactly what the "emotional" man would say to me if he now knew that I've decided to give my whole life to the other one.
His emotions were mine and mine were his.

Fifty shades of Grey?? | Reviewer: Kpm
    ------ About the song Volcano performed by Damien Rice

This song is perfect for Fifty shades of Grey... somehow, it explains what happens between Ana and Christian, I don't know, just reading what you said, it just pop in my head... Love the song, it is perfect...

who knows | Reviewer: not important
    ------ About the song Eskimo performed by Damien Rice

to me it's about looking to a colder self, to not care. The "brightness fills empty space." there is a false happiness in some and for me it fills that void. my "eskimo," friends are the beautiful people, who are somewhat more "hardened," to the world.

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