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In May 2004, Fogelberg was diagnosed with advanced prostate
cancer. He underwent therapy and achieved a partial
remission, which did not eliminate his cancer but reduced
it and stopped its spread. On August 13, 2005, his 54th
birthday, Fogelberg announced the success of his cancer
treatments. He said that he had no immediate plans to
return to making music but was keeping his options open.

Fogelberg maintained residences in Deer Isle, Maine [7] and
at Mountain Bird Ranch, a 610-acre (2.5 km2) property near
Pagosa Springs, Colorado, More...

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Review about Dan Fogelberg songs
best lyrics | Reviewer: tmz
    ------ About the song Sutter's Mill performed by Dan Fogelberg

When I ve heard this s0ng,i take it as regular song that is good,but after i went through lyric it was the best song among manys.
It give us the meaning where everyone greed that brought trouble to land and neighbourhood due to piece of stone john found.
Where some found glory,some even dead..
And john felt sorry for what he have done.

Miss you and your amazing gift to the world | Reviewer: Trish
    ------ About the song The Reach performed by Dan Fogelberg

I was SOOOO lucky enough to meet one of my FAVORITE artists, Dan Fogelberg, in the early 80's after one of his concerts in Massachusetts at his party after the concert. My husband and I were so awe struck with his performance all I could tell him was how much I LOVED his music and gift to the world. My husbands birth home was Maine, and mine was Massachusetts. We moved back to Maine in 88' to raise our family in Boothbay harbor where my husband was born. "The Reach" holds very powerful memories and emotions for both of us and will forever be our bond with Dan. My husband passed 4 years ago unexpectedly,at a young age, but I will continue to visit "the Reach" for both of them <3.

Longer was played at my husband's dedication | Reviewer: Bobbi Fields
    ------ About the song Longer performed by Dan Fogelberg

I played Dan's song Longer at my late husband, Mike's dedication ceremony for the monument. The song brilliantly played in the beautiful cemetery setting with majestic trees and a brook on the gravesite. Nothing less than the greatest love song of all time for my soul mate, Mike.

What a song, what a nice man! | Reviewer: bob
    ------ About the song The Reach performed by Dan Fogelberg

I met Dan on a charter flight from LA to Monterey where he had a home. We were the only 2 people on the plane aside from the pilots. I knew who he was and there were no Aires about him at all. A truly nice person. He told me how much he loved Maine and his song The Reach. I will always treasure meeting him and The Reach is my favorite song by him. The music alone is incredibly moving and when combined with those beautiful as a picture lyrics, I miss him dearly! God bless!

As good as it gets! I miss Dan! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Reach performed by Dan Fogelberg

This song is the most complete combination of words and music ever written. If you only had the words in a poem or if you only heard the music without the words, you can feel the Maine coastline in Autumn. If you have both and close your eyes, it is a six minute and thirty five second vacation and you don't want to return home.

A Soul's Journey Home | Reviewer: Dean K Miller
    ------ About the song The Reach performed by Dan Fogelberg

To those of us who are called by the sea, we shall always hear her song, no matter where we are. Dan's song "The Reach" helps keep us near her when we can't be together.

Love Dan | Reviewer: Patty Smith
    ------ About the song Leader Of The Band performed by Dan Fogelberg

I love Dan Fogelberg .. this is my second favorite song, though all of them are good. The song about meeting his old lover really shook me up during Christmas 2013... It made me remember my first true love when I was a senior in high school. We broke up right after graduation and he came to visit me in college several times, but we never got back together. That was 1966 .. I would love to see him one more time..

Beautiful Memories of Young love | Reviewer: Sonja, Iowa gal
    ------ About the song Same Old Lang Syne performed by Dan Fogelberg

This song evokes everything sweet, honest, pure and loving of my dating years. I didn't know the name of song but searched "sad song of man running into ex at grocery store". I thank Dan Fogelberg for such a wonderful tune that will have a place in my heart always.

Winter's Morning | Reviewer: P
    ------ About the song Same Old Lang Syne performed by Dan Fogelberg

The first time I heard this song was on a winter's morning. I had this alarm clock that would'nt sound an alarm, the radio would just start playing. My fiance' left me for someone else--I'd been devastated for quite a while. At first, I thought I was dreaming as this song played...and maybe I was. I saw myself and my fiance doing everything described. As hope began to fill my heart, thinking we would get back together again..(as in the song) I could hear the unmistakable sound of slush as a car drove down the street in front of my house. It had snowed as night fell the day before and just as I was hopeful I would be with my finace' again, I'd hoped to wake up to a foot or so of fresh snow. Neither was to be, however....there was no future for us, there was no snow. The snow turned into rain..

Nancy Ann; I love you and always will. Was out having a drink in your hometown tonight and this song started playing. As I looked down I wondered what it was that just dripped into my glass. Dragging tears out of a jaded old man's broken heart is quite a trick! They say "Time heals all wounds". I don't think that's true. I would say that with time, some wounds get buried under a pile of new memories, new loves, new heartaches. It just takes the right song at the right time and place to bring it all back like it just happened. Owie, Owie, Owie...

GREAT SONG FROM A GREAT SONGWRITER | Reviewer: Dr. Lalhmachhuana
    ------ About the song There's a Place in the World for a Gambler performed by Dan Fogelberg

This song apparently did not get enough airtime but it is nevertheless one of the best songs of Dan Fogelberg. This is one great song with simple lyrics conveying very deep meaning even to the most discerning listener. How I wished Dan had live longer...

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