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Emo-leaning and volatile post-hardcore outfit Dance Gavin Dance, somewhat similar to peers Chiodos and the Fall of Troy, feature former members of Farewell Unknown and Ghost Runner on Third, two alums of Seattle's Less Avenged Records. The Sacramento crew is comprised of vocalists Jonny Craig (singing) and Jonathan Mess (screaming), guitarists Will Swan and Sean O'Sullivan, bassist Eric Lodge, and drummer Matt Mingus. The sextet hooked up with Rise Records in late summer 2006 and debuted that November with the EP Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean. ~ Corey Apar, All Music Guide

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Band Review | Reviewer: RickyMOSH | 11/2/12

I'm not going to lie, I just started listening to this band half a year ago. Within those months I became obsessive! I fell in love with Jonny's voice as well as Kurt's. Will Swan keeps it all glued with his amazing guitar skills and screams. They are very clean and catchy. Matt Mingus is an incredible talent on the drums, and Jon Mess' screams are awesome as well. I know they've replaced a few bassists... And now their vocalist with Tilian Pearsons. I'm going to watch them live for the first time this upcoming week. A dream come true. You'll love these geniuses.

fukeneh! | Reviewer: shakejuntkilla | 7/20/11

i first listened to this band when i was a freshmen and i fell in love with downtown battle moutain. it was so insane to me that so many different things were happening at once, jonny's soulful vocals with jon mess' wrenching screams and mingus' steady and explosive beats, all tied up with to me being the greatest guitarist of this period, will swan, with his creative approach and light fast and bright licks and solos. when its all said and done, dance gavin dance is one of the most inspiring and influental bands of all time, fukeneh man !

Amazing | Reviewer: Nicholas | 5/12/10

I listen to Dance Gavin Dance since I was 17, and even now i love them even with Kurt (the new singer. Jon Mess was creative screamer with pyschedelic screams and amazing lyricist too. Jonny and Kurt both are great singers too. overall Dance Gavin Dance is amazing

This needs to be updated >.> | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/09

Well, seeing and will sawn is now the screamer, and some other guy is the clean vox, they need to update this.

Jonny isnt with the band anymore, and Jon Mess went back to school.

And wow, Will Swan is a much better screamer then Mess, even as good as mess was.

Yeah alot of their lyrics are fucked up, but this bands still epic :]

holy crap.... WOW | Reviewer: chubby ninja | 3/4/08

this band is soo awesome...
i love all their songs esp. robot with human hair. part one and two... o and i love lemon mirange tie( i didnt spell that right...) but anyways... i love this band and almost all of the guys are hott. but i love the vocals and who ever makes the musique. hahahahahh and if they read this.. i heart you guys.. :) :) :) :) :)

amazing. :) | Reviewer: Brandon | 7/2/07

i've recently discovered this sextet through a buddy who's purpose in life might possibly be music awareness. he told me about the band one night while sipping on several "wobbly pops" which toasted my memory of the band. i heard them again the other night from the same dude and after downloading ALL of their tracks, ive concluded that dance gavin dance is amazing. :)

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