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Dear Friends,

I found myself in need of a little money so Courtney
Taylor-Taylor, rock star/philanthropist, suggested I take
some of Capitol's and write something vague yet informative
about The Warhols' new record. I said I don't know - what's
it pay?

Portland, Oregon : Cool 70's movie sex Up-all-night drugs
intellectual. Counter-culture icons, The Dandy Warhols make
music that reflects and enhances the urban bohemia that is
their lives. In the process, they've become ambassadors of
lifestyle, giving us amazing music and a glimpse More...

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Review about Dandy Warhols songs
wow | Reviewer: sara
    ------ About the song Sleep performed by Dandy Warhols

everytime I hear this song I understand it in a way that boy cannot make happy ending with girl there's too much against him and her and he loves her too much to accept she cannot meet him love him in this life so he wanna sleep ( not death ) and lucid dream of happy live ever after and forget sadness.. There's no hidden meaningS

What utter twaddle | Reviewer: Nick
    ------ About the song Sleep performed by Dandy Warhols

I love this song, I really do. However, I believe it is just something he dreamt up, I don't think there is any suicidal/lost love emotions running on here. It is just a nice song so let's leave it there. The rest of you sound like the world is against you!

Cry me a river | Reviewer: Vig
    ------ About the song Nietzsche performed by Dandy Warhols

"probably written by some ridiculously closed minded christian who doesn't understand that truth can be found in multiple ways and that "god is dead" does not refer to your specifically christian god dying or being left behind, but to a modern abandonment of prescribed religions (not just yours) in lieu of actually finding yourself and your own morals and truths"

Please tell me how your retarded pea-brain came up with this.

Best song | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Sleep performed by Dandy Warhols

Hes saying he wishes he could sleep forever and just forget about her but her cant because she is in his dreams.
So it would do him no good in the first place.

So hes stuck....

thought | Reviewer: roxanne
    ------ About the song Sleep performed by Dandy Warhols

the song is about death and the power of love to save us from it. he could sleep for ever, that means that he would't care if would die, but her love keeps him alive, because he dreams at her, she is the hope that makes him to want to live:)...but that's just my opinion:D

nice heavier tune | Reviewer: warhog
    ------ About the song Nietzsche performed by Dandy Warhols

Lyrics... they're just glue to hold the tune together guys. Great /music/, hypnotic thudding and simple, one of the catchier tunes on this album, and what I really like is the higher counter-melody to the lower bass line inbetween the vocals(whatever the technical term for this might be). As to the lyrics, if it was instead about how bummed out he was that his toothbrush needed replacing again or whatever, it'd still be a great song.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Petrolhead
    ------ About the song You Were the Last High performed by Dandy Warhols

Heard this song for the first time in the movie 9 Songs. Incredibly catchy. None of my friends have heard of this song, and they're going to love it when I play this at our next booze session.

A Meaning | Reviewer: Jeffrey
    ------ About the song Sleep performed by Dandy Warhols

It's pretty much a general song, straightforward. The writer knows wide-ranged metaphors that we can all relate to. Yet it might be some reference to a girl actually, considering it's quite deep and emotional for being such a short song.

pharisees | Reviewer: arya ok
    ------ About the song Godless performed by Dandy Warhols

i don't know maybe it's because i'm a xpreachers kid and see hypocrisy of religion in politics but i think it's about a wider target - those people who talk about god like he's in their back pocket but act without respect for mother earth or people other than those of their own persuasion - i think they were called pharisees back in the day

@Lee | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nietzsche performed by Dandy Warhols

Lee you're an uneducated retard. First off the unabomber was a genius, that's not really disputed...he was one of the best mathematicians in the world, he was crazy. Secondly, why the fuck are you comparing Nietzsche and the unabomber? Thirdly, just because you're too stupid or thoughtless to understand the Dandy Warhols lyrics, or Nietzsche's philosophies, doesn't mean they're without merit. you're honestly a lazy stupid pig

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