Danzig Lyrics

Glenn Danzig is a name that permeates, infects, and
ultimately makes strong, the very soul of hard rock in the
'90s. Through the legendary punk charge of his pre-Danzig
outfits Misfits and Samhain, Danzig formed the backbone of
today's mosh movement. Into the deep waves of the Danzig
catalogue, and you've got a band that has created
high-tension hybrids that are still being pondered and
quietly adopted throughout today's metal community. Over
eight million records sold, and Danzig is about to unleash
a multi-media onslaught that will More...

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Review about Danzig songs
one of danzigs best and not likevanything else | Reviewer: nate coles
    ------ About the song You And Me(Less Than Zero) performed by Danzig

I was half dope sick and coming down when i crawled into my friends house where he gave me a sub (suboxne) i felt so out of my mind i laid on the floor almost past out when this song came on which i have never heard. I instantly new it was danzig. Well this song was able to make everything bad go away.it really got stuck in my head

Amazing! | Reviewer: Thx1191
    ------ About the song Anything performed by Danzig

So amazing! I love this song, at first I was all "A love song? By Danzig?! No way!" Then I listened to it and I'm not surprised it's amazing as usual, thank you Danzig for yet another song for me to fall in love with <3

YOUR MOTHER | Reviewer: Petey S. D.
    ------ About the song Mother performed by Danzig

just heard this song on the radio after a several year long absence. amazing how i could forget such greatness. danzig, you're the boss.

oh, and its the Afghanistan war now, for all you bitches in the past. then it'll be iran. then pakistan. haha. the american war machine never quits. apparently you can fix anything if you throw a bunch of soldiers at it =P

is what we're living for really worth dying for? committing war crimes for? haha you would die for the almighty dollar?

k im going to get me the fuck off this ship before it sinks....


I love Danzig!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mother performed by Danzig

Love this song, this is the song he played at a concert and gave me a Danzig cross. Um like my long dark black hair got him to surrender it to me.. Then my sister said it was satanic and I threw it out of a car window. I was like 18 years old then now I could kick myself...oh well hope to see him soon...

Not Satanism, Human Nature... | Reviewer: She Murdered Me
    ------ About the song Black Angel, White Angel performed by Danzig

I do not believe this song represents Satanism in any way. In fact Satan is more than likely a woman to begin with. I am a singer, in a metal band. What I gather from this song, is...
What side of the line are you on? And from the side you are on, would you cross that line. Every human being has a good side, and a bad side. Which one do you allow to consume your spirit?

Piece o' shit dude | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mother performed by Danzig

Dude, you are a fucking asshole. Telling someone that you hope they die in Iraq, what kind of fuckin ignorant piece of shit are you? Are you 5 years old? So those of us who have the balls to actually go ahead and join the military in a time of war and go fight for your right to type retarded shit on the internet, and then you go and tell us that you hope we die fighting in said war. You are as bad as those horse-fuckin ass-clowns that were marching around at funerals holding signs that said things such as "god hates soldiers" & "baby killer". If wasn't for those of us who do volunteer to go and fight our nations wars, the language you would be forced to speak would be German or Japanese. So having said this, people like you are the ones that deserve to die, painfully for all your hate-mongering, you useless piece of shit. Continue working at mickey d's, we'll keep defending your freedoms. Asshole.

ppl need to learn how to read | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mother performed by Danzig

lol I find it funny how this last guy totaly misread the guys comment on someone elses comment. So beat down on someone who is trying to "defend you". Oh btw it was like 2 years ago he posted that, you really think he got the message? Lol internet, it really is more entertaining than television. :P

villain hater | Reviewer: dude
    ------ About the song Mother performed by Danzig

You are a real fag. You are the true nerd here. Posting shit that no one gives a fuck about shows a lot of your personality, meaninng you are a real douchbag or bag in douch. So kindly. Go fuck yourself and fuck off and die. i hope you get killed in iraq to ya fuckin queer. I bet you dont even know the real reason why your dumbass is fighting in iraq. There is a government WITHIN the american government - ZEIGTEIST.COM - arm yourself with knowledge home boys

Underrated | Reviewer: Jones
    ------ About the song Black Angel, White Angel performed by Danzig

Danzig is awsome. Probably the most underrated artist among black metal fans. Them lyrics about dark imagery and satanism are put forth in a very subtle way.

That's the case with Black Angel, White Angel. It's all about devoting yourself to satanism. Would you really do what it takes? Would you obliterate the safe corrupt symbols that dominate our lives for the sake of finding yourself?

Danzig is deep.

silly rabbits... | Reviewer: mephestophles
    ------ About the song Mother performed by Danzig

Yes there was (is?) a time when people put their souls on the line without a safety net of commercial success. The now unfortunately at least for music is a career move.'Good music' now adaze amounts to graven images. Sweet dreams young ones.

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