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In the beginning of 2005 Darin released his first record
"The Anthem". The record went gold and his first single
"Money for nothing" went straight up to number 1 on the
radio chart for several months and sold platinum.

Media announced Darin to be the most media exposed person
in Sweden during 2005. That year the name Darin was also
the most cumulative name in Sweden.

The same year he released his 2nd record "Darin" which went
platinum and provided him even more success than his debut
album. The album included his number 1 gold More...

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Review about Darin songs
i wana be a star | Reviewer: mohas
    ------ About the song Be What You Wanna Be performed by Darin

I wana be a star...i dont knw aw soon or aw far..yeah..ppl kal me a dreamer but 1tin i belive in is am an achiever..u dont nid to belive dat,u kan be an unbeliver..1day ur mama wud see me on t.v nd u wil have to beliver her,she rili sees me on her t.v,am mur dan a singer..i wana be star,i wana make a mark as if its a scar,i wana be a star,i wana be famous..ppl wud wana knw wu u are..i wana be a star..nd not juz a star burh a superstar.!

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