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Lil' Kim Dead Gal Walking Lyrics

Last updated: 11/01/2013 07:58:11 AM

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[Verse 1]
We have a crook mentality, grew up in the poverty
Cause we are from the streets
We don't want to sell the drugs, don't want to hustle
But this is how we have to eat
We live by the gun, die by the gun
So please don't you trouble we
I let alot of the bullshit slide
Cross the Queen and you'll get buried alive

Cause she's a dead gal walking
That man's a dead man walking
That gal's a dead gal walking
No one wants to be a dead man walking

[Verse 2]
Here come the Queen Bee rain
Hit the windshield wiper
Infrared on the bitch, D.C. sniper
One Brooklyn bitch got the whole crowd hyper
Red Christian Loub's match the red [?]
More fire, more fire
All praises to B.I.G., the most higher
The gun cocked, I keep it fully loaded
A dead gal walking, and she don't even know it


There is a war going on outside
21-gun salute
All my soldiers get ready to ride
Cross the Queen and you'll get buried alive

There is a war going on outside (x3)
A war going on outside


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