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Wayne Hancock Deal Gone Down Lyrics

Last updated: 10/01/2013 06:56:28 AM

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No good son of a bitch
Fuckin my wife
Ye ain’t getting away with that

They were out there in a Juke Joint somewhere on '21'
They were raising hell, drinking beers and just a having fun
And then her old man came walkin' in
Caught her messing round with his best friend
Well when Johnny Law after there was blood all over the ground
let me tell you something, that’s how I saw the deal go down

Nobody ever bothered to cheat on the one that they love
‘Cause that’s the kind of thing that bad dreams and bad times are made of
And just a few seconds more
Well he really evened up the score
They did the shotgun boogie and it echoed all over town
And let me tell you something
That’s how I saw the deal go down

Well that was 30 years ago but it seems like it was yesterday
And all the blood turned to dust and the rain came and washed it away
And the killer that the police sought
Well let’s say he never did get caught
They say he killed himself in a motel outside of town
And let me tell you something
That’s how I saw the deal go down

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