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Eric Bellinger Delorean Lyrics

Last updated: 03/07/2014 04:10:06 PM

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Yea, She bad
Yea, She cold
Yea, She all that you already know
Yea, She cook
Yea, She clean
I know she can probably be the one for me...yyyeeeaaa!

She don't ever be at the club
Cause she always be havin' work in the mornin'
She so ready to fall in love
Everything I could ever need in a woman
When we go out, she say, "Let's meet at my place!"
Whenever we go to dinner, she never let me pay
She say, "What's mine is yours."
She's what I been waiting for
She even open my door

But I'm still thinkin' bout' that other girl
Said I'm still thinkin' bout' that other girl (Yea)

I know she did me wrong
And what we had is done
Don't know what's going on
Stuck in the past tryna' make it the future
Cruisin' in my Delorean


I'm still thinkin' bout' that other girl (Yea)

[Instrumental fade out]

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