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Lil' Keke Dem Brauds Say Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2014 07:13:21 AM

Them brauds say they love me, they peeping how I play
Them brauds say they love me, they peeping how I play
Them brauds say they love me, they peeping how I play
Just tell em I'm a hustler, get money like everyday

[Paul Wall:]
They love the way I get it, they tell me I could get it
I tell em I'll be back, but right now I gotta get it
That money on my mind, like a snap back or a fitted
I'm addicted to that paper, give a fuck if you offended
18 karat yellow cuban link, with 'Sacci pendants
So I'm grinding long hours, most wouldn't recommend it
I gotta get them dollars, all them dollars where my dollars mayn
I'm all about them dollars, fuck your pictures and your follows
Them broads know how a grouch show, I spend money then I get some mo'
Pardon me if I'm moving slow, my one liter got a potent fo'
Gucci down from head to toe, my wrist glow cause my paper flow
And if ya don't know then act like ya know, them broads love how I get that do' I get that do'

[Chorus 2x]

[Lil' Keke:]
Just tell em I'm a hustler, get money like all year
No matter what they tell ya, I promise the Don here
Them brauds say they love me, I'm serving that to em good
I keep em on they hustle, they paying me like they should
I get it ery'day, checking me while I play
It's pimping in the building, I'm headed them brauds way
Them lakes where I stay, them hoes can run a boat
I'm knocking thangs off, and niggaz is paying note
Your chick say she want it, I'm coming to give it to her
She blowing up my phone, I promise I never knew her
The seven plus the one and the tre, is where I stay
The rubber bands popping my nigga, that's how I play them brauds

[Chorus 2x]

Party in my pocket, 4-5 my rocket
Rudy T we popping, green and red blue dolphins
Clutch City where this cost me, two for fifteen mama
Naw I was just bullshitting, give me five let's party
Feed the hoe these beans, sacrifice for the team
Scrilla packs and lean, kush square I got green
Purple haze Charlie Sheen, winning I mean
I'm balling Hakeem, into I Yao Ming
On my house 43 shit, TLC shit
Three hoes for the kid, I don't play believe it
Never been immature, I'm a dog no leashes
I'm Emmett all cured from deep, all greens hit

[Chorus 2x]

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