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Demi is an actress, singer, songwriter, guitarist and piano
player from Dallas, Texas. She began her acting career at
10 when she began playing Angela on Barney & Friends. She
has been a guest star on Prison Break, Split Ends and Just
Jordan. In January of 2007, Demi landed a series regular
role on the new Disney Channel original short series, As
the Bell Rings as Charlotte. She left the series after
season one and was replaced by Lindsey Black. Demi is the
star of the new DCOM Camp Rock, as Mitchie Torres, which
was released on June More...

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Review about Demi Lovato songs
wow | Reviewer: Burpie
    ------ About the song Shouldn't Come Back performed by Demi Lovato

I don't usually listen to pop songs. I find they're all about sex, drugs & partying and it's all the same annoying stuff. All using the same instruments, same chords, same lyrics, and same loud shouting (as singing). But this song was a surprise! I really felt the emotions in Demi's voice and even almost started crying! And I was surprised how she was able to belt out such high notes. I mean, those notes were high! I can't even sing those notes in falsetto!

The only thing in didnt like is that the song repeated itself a little too much for my liking. I know a lot of songs do this, and I know it's probably only to get it up to a certain time, but I don't know... I find it a little annoying.

But I still like the song!

In my dreams you appear as an illusion | Reviewer: Samke asanda
    ------ About the song This Is Me performed by Demi Lovato

In my dreams you appear as an illusion,just becouse imiss you,it has been long since i last saw your beautiful face my love one,i miss to see those lovely eyes and the smile,open your mind receive my wish,open your heart receive my love,open your eyes receive my smile.

AWSOME SONG! | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song Heart Attack performed by Demi Lovato

demi lovato,i used to watch your show and i thought it was EPIC!and i watched your movie,camp rock 1 and 2 maybe 3 if i can remember.but i wonder why you stoped making more stuff in your show.i was sad but i got over it.but i would LOVE if you made your show again.alk i have to say is mis your show so much!:(

do you thangg demi | Reviewer: marshia gary
    ------ About the song Give Your Heart A Break performed by Demi Lovato

love the song girl do your thangg you know you can sing keep on doing it next you know omg dont you know give your heart a break
by demi lavato im going to her concert omg omg girlll danng she
just a singer but no afence they be doing this

beautiful inspiration | Reviewer: Selma
    ------ About the song Fix A Heart performed by Demi Lovato

I love you so much Demi I know you don't know me but your music tells everything in my life... and its just so wonderful to listen to your music and be so effect by it I love you Demi..lavotic forever!!!!!!!

Story of my life... | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song For The Love Of A Daughter performed by Demi Lovato

Such a beautiful and heartnbreaking song...This song relates to me. My father hasn't physically let me, but he hasn't been my dad for years. He's an alcholic, and honestly, I sometimes wish he would leave. Ever since I was little, I can remember him being selfish, never thinking of anybody else, only himself. I wish he would be a proper man and father...for the love of his fifteen year old daughter.

good work | Reviewer: brianna james
    ------ About the song Falling Over Me performed by Demi Lovato

This song reminds me of a time when i was in middle school and i liked this guy.this song brings back those happy feelings i had when was with that guy. it also brings back that young love feeling to me and reminded me that(for some reason) that teen love feelings can come back to you like a tidal wave lol but overall, great song :)

inspiring | Reviewer: madi
    ------ About the song Believe In Me performed by Demi Lovato

this song is amazing because it teaches a good message. i dont believe in myself and feel like an outsider sometimes but songs like this one make mee and im sure alot of others feel better about themselves

Love this song | Reviewer: Madi
    ------ About the song Believe In Me performed by Demi Lovato

This song is so inspirational. When I feel down or don't believe in myself this song is so uplifting. It's my favourite Demi Lovato song because it's so powerful and makes me feel happier when i'm sad

this is me | Reviewer: lashonta
    ------ About the song This Is Me performed by Demi Lovato

i've always been the kinda girl that hid my face now i am afraid to tell the world what i got to say i aways had this dream right inside of me i gonna let it show it's time to let you know so let you know this is real this is me i am excaulty where i'm suppose to be now i gonna let the light shine on me now i found who i am there's no

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