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City The Great Dial H For Homicide Lyrics

Last updated: 09/09/2013 05:49:31 AM

Oh yeah
Seen out the game nigga

Back in the game, what up nigga I'm on
.. time to get, make the wound
It's city, yeah I'm back on the gutter shit,
I'm bringing to their but, ain't no need to wonder shit
Checks cashy debate, Jack pot em f*cking risk
See the blood in my eyes, I am a hunger,
Is my wolf bout it, I get convicted cloud it
the judges get my brothers keeper
sorry soldiers don't deserve a little nigga want it all
then show me where the f*ck he is,
'cause I'm Brooklyn post the job
The greatest day is J and get your choices red in blue,
The city lights and make you scared,
F*ck it I'm all one, shout out to whole sun,
You drop take you there, block out, f*ck em ..
Duice playin gangsta, listen I was born one,
How you wanna do, the dead seat of the lost one
Dial H for homicide, they talk a day down to ..
Cash rules ..that's where my blood types and dollar signs,
And never reach the top, I catch you on them other side,
Son got a hole in his pocket, this nigga's dropping dimes
He deposit all on your face it, you niggas out of line,
The nation's been patiently waiting, get what I revive,
F*ck you weed religion my nigga I'm a natural ..
King move check these niggas, I'ma break his pride,
Ground 0 9-11 dial H for homicide,
Go to your .. try to hide,
Blood thirsty, war play is murder, get for first in line,
Someone's to shot lick, career is clock kid,
I ain't bitch for mack jet and nigga watch this,
See you like MTV and put you on my pop list,
Guess me it's against the world,
I'm on my pop shit, your flow is new war
You ain't got no hot shit,
I'm picking niggas oft, like album when the shot range
Die on a dial H for homicide and pop shit.

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