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The Yancey Boys Dilltro Lyrics

Last updated: 11/01/2013 06:50:13 PM

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Be very quiet, come check it out
This is the part of the time where's nothing but beats
But I didn't say, know what I'm saying?
So you can't get none of these beats, I can't read to 'em
It's for five only, five reasons only, alright? Chill

Yeah, Dank in here motherfucking hard
Turn me up in this motherfucker, yeah
Y'all know what it do, the new album
Yancey Boys, Sunset Blvd. niggas
Yeah, yeah, let's go, you know there are the motherfucking beats
Bang, bang, Rough Draft Records, nigga, y'all know what it do
Let's get it, bounce, bounce, bounce, yeah, yeah
Delicious vinyl in this motherfucker, Yancey meet in this motherfucker
Yeah, yeah, y'all niggas know what it do
Don't be mad, we here

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